New Moon Update 12-7-18

New Moon is Friday, December 7 at 12:20 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

new moonLena Stevens – This New Moon is a time to watch judgment and irritability as it could come up around old patterns and wounds. Where are you still holding someone in debt to you for past wrongs? Where do you still feel in debt to some old pattern of regret or shame you have been trying to change?

As these influences may be up, you have a great opportunity with this new moon to do some real healing, forgiveness and letting go. The chaos at this time is related to all the obsessive thoughts in your mind and it would be a good practice to do whatever you can to clear the mind and focus on a reset that forgives the past and settles into a more peaceful field of creativity that brings some clarity to new intentions.


Astrological notes:

Sagittarius New Moon Cycle

Sun and Moon in Sagittarius ~ 15º

Friday, Dec. 7, 12:20 AM Mountain Standard Time

(Friday, Dec 7, 7:20 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

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Energies for the Dec 7th New Moon

new moonDave Flenniken – In this report, I’m looking at the planetary configuration that plays out on the December New Moon. I pointed out that this would be a critical date to look at in my previous astrology calendar post.

As always, I provide my summary before the actual report.


This next Moon cycle comes in with a bang! We have three strong conjunction situations that should expose some dark secrets that will make people fighting mad and spark the defenders of the secrets to spring into action to ‘fix’ the problem.

The overall theme of this alignment seems to be that there will be the release of explosive information that comes from the more demonic realms that will trigger men to protest and women to cry. The larger masculine energy is wrapped up with dreamy, etheric Neptunian influences that will remove all logic from their actions. Where as the feminine energy is supported by the warrior goddess which will keep women thinking logically, diplomatically, yet at odds to understanding what the men are doing. Men will act emotionally, women will think it through.

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New Moon in Scorpio The Creative Spark of a Distinct New Phase

lifeSimon & JenniferThe Full Moon in Taurus on October 23 brought a distinct change in perspective as our focus shifted from transcending illusions (negative) to actualizing the will of our highest Self (positive). Since this time, we have begun to intentionally and meaningfully manifest our truth and authenticity in everything we say, do, create and be, as we learn to let our unique inner light guide every aspect of our lives.

Now, as the New Moon in Scorpio begins a new lunar cycle, we are journeying deeper into this process of authentic manifestation — specifically, we are being called to transmute our destiny and consciously manifest a future far greater than the one we have inherited. The beginning of a distinct new phase in our personal lives, this is a time to break down the inheritance of our past — the beliefs, boundaries and ways of being that we passively inherited from generations before us — to choose a new path, and to actively transform our path toward a new and better future. Continue reading “New Moon in Scorpio The Creative Spark of a Distinct New Phase”

New Moon Update 11-7-18

New Moon is Wednesday, November 7 at 9:01 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

new moonLena Stevens – A deeply feminine moon providing an opportunity to anchor into your creative power and a good time to reflect on where you have given that power away. Do something for yourself that represents taking that power back in the areas of healing, nurturing and creativity. Set an intention during this new moon to follow your own inner feminine wisdom. Whether you are male or female, this is an important and powerful energy that provides deep intuition and a gateway to personal truth.

What do you believe about your power and inner feminine wisdom and ability to create? Is it true? Reflect on ways and times you have not trusted your intuition that has lead to some experiences more challenging than they needed to be. Ready for a download of TRUTH? Be willing to receive it.


Astrological Notes

New Moon in Scorpio Cycle- Wed. November 7, 9:01 AM Mountain Standard Time
Sun and Moon in Scorpio ~ 15º – Wed. November 7, 4:01 PM Greenwich Mean Time

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New Moon in Libra

new moonMystic Mamma – New Moon in Libra asks us to honor that which abides within as we restructure how we move in the world of relationships.

It’s been a time of  unearthing, sensing and feeling.

There has been much upheaval as the Truth comes forth to be acknowledged.

More than ever we must remember that nothing goes unseen and our truth will always be a beacon when we stand in our integrity. Continue reading “New Moon in Libra”