New Moon in Sagittarius with a total Solar Eclipse

spiritualLena Stevens – This is a tricky new moon, magnified by the solar eclipse but really good for spiritual prayers and work. The positive aspects are the potential for an uplifting of energy and vibration into an experience of great unity, spiritual connection and personal clarity of action.

The negative aspects and ones to watch out for include delusion, addictions, despair and a very confused and foggy mind.

Work with your spiritual practices even though they may not be focused on anything solid or particular. Prayers for improvement may be enough. The practice itself will give you a sense of purpose and grounding. Work with the sun as the powerful masculine that works with the feminine aspect of the moon.

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New Moon in Gemini Friday, May 22

New Moon in Gemini is Friday, May 22 at 11:38 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

new moonLena Stevens – Think of this as an expression moon and a good time to reflect on what you have not been able to express, what you wish you had expressed and what you wish to express. If old issues surface around your relationship with your expression, take this opportunity to move them on out.

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The New Moon in Taurus is Wednesday, April 22

new moonLena  Stevens – This new moon is a call to action. It is a call to set your priorities straight and to anchor and ground new intentions based on those priorities. It is an energetic stimulus to get off the couch, to organize your time, to move your body and to engage your imagination and positive thinking.

This is not a call to be impatient, judgmental or irritated, looking for something to blame for your disappointed expectations. It is an opportunity to be proactive with your choices.

Bless all inconvenience as an invitation for necessary change. This is a good time to work with the quantum field in setting some “what if” questions that will guide your future. It is also an excellent time to do something new and creative.

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New Moon April 23 at 3° Taurus

19 April – Sun enters Taurus
21 April – Sun square Saturn
21 April – Venus opposite Great Attractor
23 April – New Moon 3° Taurus
24 April – Mercury conjunct Eris
25 April – Pluto Retrograde
25 April – Mercury square Pluto
26 April – Sun conjunct Uranus
26 April – Mercury square Jupiter

PleiadesLorna Bevan – From Sunday April 19th, we are over lighted by the high Taurean frequency. Taurus is literally plugged in to the enormous light of the seven hotly burning blue-white stars of the Pleiades – the Great Central Sun – acting as a channel or gateway to the source of this tremendous spiritual Center. It illuminates by showing you the nature of Light.

The Buddha’s sign of earthy Taurus symbolizes the World 3rd Eye and the pineal gland, the ancestral master cell of untapped DNA. Under the Creative Plan, Aries, Taurus, and Capricorn – now all being activated by Chiron, Uranus and Jupiter/Pluto – are the great transformers and act as catalysts. Taurus, representing the Soul, opens the door into the transpersonal – the world behind the world. Continue reading “New Moon April 23 at 3° Taurus”

New Moon In Aries: Pursuing Wholeness

aries new moonCarmen Di Luccio – We are having a New Moon in Aries on March 24th. This is initiating a new 29.5-day lunar cycle and a new wave of energy for the coming month. However, the astrological configurations mentioned in this article will be more prominent over the coming two weeks. This cycle will include a Full Moon in Libra on April 7th/8th.

Before getting into the astrology of this New Moon, a lot of people have been asking me about the current coronavirus pandemic and my perspectives on it. It is very much connected to the previous Lunar EclipseSolar Eclipse, and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (which happened at the same time) that I wrote about. The energies of eclipses can play out at different times in the 6 month period after they occur. Continue reading “New Moon In Aries: Pursuing Wholeness”