Life’s Shift: It’s High Time to Get Some Energy Moving!

energyOpen – I sense the energy field is in strong transition right now, all across the globe. It very much feels to me like the return of the Shiva Energy has gotten things moving and shifting. Stonger flows are activating in different parts of the world, which people are feeling and responding to. Meanwhile it’s abundantly clear the shadowstate tries to constrain the emergence with its next round of shenanigans.

That’s the heat of the cauldron of transformation that we’re sitting within. Don’t resist what comes up inside of you. Here is a massive opportunity for growth.

Emerging from Lockdown

If your part of the world has emerged from lockdown, great, I’m thrilled for you. Take maximum opportunity for expansion, movement and outward expression. But don’t sleepwalk either. We’re far from out of the woods yet.

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