N.C. House Freedom Caucus to inspect Durham County voting machines

NC Election CommissionDavid N. Bass – Members of the N.C. House Freedom Caucus plan to inspect voting machines in Durham County to check for an internet connection, which could make them vulnerable to fraud.

They say it’s part of their effort to build confidence in the state’s elections by proving that North Carolina has no election machines with modems that can connect to the Internet. Without such a connection, the machines could not be subject to a coordinated computer hack.

The announcement came at a press conference convened by the caucus on Thursday, October 7. During the press conference Rep. Jeff McNeely, R-Iredell, put slips of paper with the names of all 100 North Carolina counties in a hat and randomly drew one out. The winner was Durham County. Continue reading “N.C. House Freedom Caucus to inspect Durham County voting machines”