Create More Peace and Quiet in Your Life

Mia Barnes – If you asked someone to sum up your life in a sentence, what adjectives would they use? Which ones would you choose? Is it chaotic? Hectic? Busy?

While it’s fine to go hard sometimes, doing so all the time can lead to burnout. Why not strive for a life of harmony and balance? Here are seven intentional tips for creating more peace and quiet in your life.

1. Add Water Features

Research indicates that people who live near the water have lower stress and anxiety levels and increased happiness. However, you can replicate the healing effects, even if you live on the dusty Oklahoma plains. Continue reading “Create More Peace and Quiet in Your Life”

Developing Peace in the Heart

peaceAnne Rice – Peace, on the outside, is not something you have as a birthright. Peace is a quality of feeling that is developed through trials. It’s often easier to experience in quieter moments, but to be at peace regardless of circumstances takes time and attention to develop, either through outer challenges or inner focus.

The latter is a more merciful approach, but is usually the road less travelled. If you have the longing for the inner path, there are gems to be discovered in the intimate process of awakening the high qualities within the heart. Continue reading “Developing Peace in the Heart”

Message For The Older Soul

Old soulVeronica – In a world full of controversy the old souls who have incarnated struggle to maintain a peaceful personal reality. Many question the validity of their choice to incarnate in such a volatile environment to begin with.

In the big picture an old soul is one who has the benefit of many experiences from past lives. This often gives them a better understanding of the world around them. The frantic behavior of a younger soul as they struggle with the creation of their reality can feel tedious to an older soul. Continue reading “Message For The Older Soul”

The Meadow of Your Being

lightMary O’Malley – Imagine a beautiful meadow where there is a rainbow of wildflowers, along with the heart-opening music of birds. The smells of the heather and the pristine beauty of the surrounding mountains all bring forth a deep sense of peace. In this meadow, everything is energy, everything flows and is at peace.

The same is true for you. You may have no memories of this kind of well-being but there was a time when you were very young where there were no thoughts in your head. Past and future had no meaning for you, so this moment was all there was. Because you weren’t searching for a better state, you were open to it – all of it – and life was okay exactly as it was.

Continue reading “The Meadow of Your Being”

Living From Your Heart

heartAnne Rice – As the world undergoes the massive change that we are all intricately tied to, we are each being invited to undergo a massive change in ourselves. There is a disassembling of all inside ourselves that is aligned with the dysfunction of the old system, because we aren’t separate from the world around us. We are individuals expressing either what is dysfunctional or of peace, contributing our flavor to the soup of our environment.

What do you imagine the world becoming after the transfiguring is complete? The pain and struggle seen globally is our means to a new creation. I have the image of a seed in mind. When a seed transforms to grow a tree, it completely falls apart, spills out it’s contents and becomes brand new. Same with a butterfly. Continue reading “Living From Your Heart”