Expert: Corrupt FBI Leaker Comey Lied to Congress

comeyJoe HoftChris Farrell, the Director of Investigations and Research at Judicial Watch, was a guest on FOX News last night to discuss the portion of Huma Abedin’s emails that were released by the State Department yesterday. During the interview Farrell pointed out how former FBI Director James Comey lied before Congress when discussing the emails in front of Congress.

Gateway pundit’s Cristina Lalia reported yesterday that as previously reported, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch revealed in October the State Department admitted it received 2,800 Huma Abedin government documents from the FBI that were found on her husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

FOX News reported yesterday that: Continue reading “Expert: Corrupt FBI Leaker Comey Lied to Congress”

Former Top DOJ Official Hints IG Report Might Be A Doozy For Hillary Clinton

fbiJoshua Caplan – Thanks to the soon to be released Justice Inspector General report, Hillary Clinton may find herself in MORE hot water if political bias is found to have played a role in the email investigation’s findings, says former Justice Department official Michael Bromwich.

USA Today reports:

Former Justice inspector general Michael Bromwich said that the office has a long established record as “a reliable and independent voice” that has held some of the most powerful institutions to account.

The disclosures of the agents’ text messages, he said, “has certainly re-focused the spotlight on investigation that many people may have forgotten about but remains an important piece of work that needs to be completed.” Continue reading “Former Top DOJ Official Hints IG Report Might Be A Doozy For Hillary Clinton”

Strzok’s Anti-Trump Text Messages Show Clear and ‘Unprecedented’ Bias

Rusty – Congressman Trey Gowdy laid into FBI agent Peter Strzok over his anti-Trump text messages, saying they showed a clear and “unprecedented” level of bias “you rarely see” from FBI officials.

Strzok, a key player in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s original Russia probe, had to be ‘reassigned’ after sending the biased messages to his girlfriend, FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

The pair exchanged messages about then-candidate Trump, referring to him as a “douche” and a “f***ing idiot.”

What really drew the ire of Gowdy however, was a particular message discussing an “insurance policy” to eliminate Trump from the presidency should he go on to win. Continue reading “Strzok’s Anti-Trump Text Messages Show Clear and ‘Unprecedented’ Bias”

FBI Official Admits: Russia Probe ‘INSURANCE Policy’ To Derail Trump

Strzok Jamie White – Thousands of text messages between two top FBI investigators have been turned over to lawmakers on Capitol Hill, including anti-Trump messages that reveal a desire to start the probe into Russian collusion as an “insurance policy” should Donald Trump win the presidency.

Among the damning texts between investigator Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page is an excerpt describing the Russia investigation as an “insurance policy” meant to ensure Trump’s overthrow should he win the presidency.

“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office” — an apparent reference to Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe — “that there’s no way he [Trump] gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” Strzok told Page in a text from August 15, 2016.

“It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40 ….”

Strzok was removed from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation last summer without explanation. Continue reading “FBI Official Admits: Russia Probe ‘INSURANCE Policy’ To Derail Trump”

FBI Agent Fired From Mueller Probe is Key Figure in Fusion GPS Dossier

Peter Strzok

Joshua Caplan – In yet another blow to Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, the special counsel was forced to fire a top FBI agent after possible anti-Trump text messages were discovered.

New York Times reports:

The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, removed a top F.B.I. agent from his investigation into Russian election meddling after the Justice Department’s inspector general began examining whether the agent had sent text messages that expressed anti-Trump political views, according to three people briefed on the matter. The agent, Peter Strzok, is considered one of the most experienced and trusted F.B.I. counterintelligence investigators. He helped lead the investigation into whether Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information on her private email account, and then played a major role in the investigation into links between President Trump’s campaign and Russia. 

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