Expect Physical Changes With Incoming Energies

changeRosie Neal – There is so much that is happening to most everyone on a physical level. We are in a process of changing on a cellular, molecular and atomic and sub-atomic levels. It will influence the neutron electron and proton all the way down to the ratio of the spin cycle of the nucleus.

As you begin to change, each person will be affected differently. You may not feel as hungry as often as you once did and may will eat less, sleep patterns will change and some will require less sleep and for others having going though big changes with the mitochondria, RNA, DNA they will need more sleep.

There will be times the body will need rest for days to recoup and energize. Try to get into the sun as much as possible it will help. Drink water. Continue reading “Expect Physical Changes With Incoming Energies”


physical bodyLisa Renee – This year begins the change in the law of structure in the planetary body referred to as Morphogenesis, which gives us opportunities to explore how these structural changes in energy to matter impact our manifestations. The physical body is extremely important during this stage, as what we are here to shift on the earth can only happen while we remain inside an ascending human body.

We will look at the agenda behind Transhumanism to interfere with the true higher consciousness embodiment process during the Ascension Cycle.  We will discuss the multiple sections of the bifurcated earth, changes in Guardian groups and the Rise of the Paliadorians, where some will begin to embody higher DNA imprints in order to return the earth to the rightful benevolent stewardship of loving Guardians.

As we move into the next five years, which are defined as the Morphogenesis stage of the Ascension Cycle, we are encountering drastic geomagnetic recalibration and structural changes within the planetary architecture that begin new stages of higher consciousness coming into physical Embodiment at multiple layers of awareness.

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The True Meaning of Ascension

physicalLJ Vanier – Ascension in its basic spiritual sense can be thought of as the highest state of humanity in terms of conscious awareness and spiritual evolution.

It is the expansion of the minds perception and the clear understanding of being one with the creator. A oneness with the universe.

Anyone seeking ascension has the basic understanding that ‘ascending’ is taking something that is considered a lower vibration and raising it up to become a higher vibration. This is why many Spiritual traditions aim to achieve the dissolution of the human ego being (the lower self) in order to realize the true nature of their being or Higher Self.

Ascension in the true sense of the word does not literally translate to one’s physical body being raised up or lifted off the ground flying through the air to arrive in heaven.

A more accurate depiction would be the idea of bringing heaven to earth by raising your lower vibrational being (your ego) and transcending your non physical being to a higher vibrational state.

In the metaphysical sense, ascension is about shifting your conscious awareness and entering alternate realities and planes of existence through intention and thought.

It is sort of like changing the station on a radio. When you tune or dial into a certain frequency, you are then in vibrational alignment with that in which you exist in.

How is this possible?

Our material world at its fundamental level is composed of molecules, which are made of atoms, which come from subatomic particles, such as protons and electrons. These protons and electrons have been proven to be 99.99% space.  

When you touch your hands together, it is really just empty space touching more empty space, with the slightest amount of energetic spin. The constituents of all matter have absolutely no physical structure.

So by the smallest scale the idea of physical reality, is in fact non-existent. Giving weight to the understanding that we are in fact simply consciousness and the entire universe is a multitude of frequency vibration.

Our thoughts create our own reality as we seamlessly walk through it, manifesting our every outcome and circumstance. Each thought we have holds its own vibration as the universe is not made of things, but networks of vibrational energy.

This realization effectively transpires as the entering into a self-aware universe and through this self-awareness, we gain the understanding that there are energetic beings that can exist on higher vibrational platforms of reality.

In these alternate planes of reality you can, and most certainly will, encounter these other life forms. Which can include angelic beings, alien like creations and other non physical entities that can guide you towards liberation of self and show you the steps you need to take in order to achieve lasting enlightenment. A conquering of self, and a death of the ego.

Many people have the idea that this kind of existence cannot occur in our current physical form. That this kind of connection, a bridging of the physical and non physical, man and the divine, is simply too far out of the spectrum of reality.

But if we think about the universe as multi-dimensional with layers upon layers of energy and frequency vibrations, then it isn’t so hard to see or believe that we are not alone. We are never alone and there are beings who reside with us, just beyond the viewable spectrum of our physical eyes.

When we raise our vibration, we expand our awareness. Effectively becoming the cosmic consciousness of man incarnated. Leading to the greater understanding that there are worlds upon worlds overlapping our own existence at all times.

It is time for us to bring heaven here to earth and achieve liberation of mankind. A life where our thoughts fluidly create our reality– becoming the true creators we were meant to be.

Original source Soul Science

SF Source How To Exit The Matrix Jan. 2017

Etheric Implants And Entities Are “Human Nature”

Eric Raines – After an incredibly intense energetic activation, I became aware, as clearly as you are reading these words right now, of a system that had completely infiltrated the human condition, yet was almost 100% invisible to detection.  Almost 100% of the population of the planet is walking around completely unaware that most of the “talking” they are doing in their heads isn’t talking, but listening to something else speaking in their own internal voice. They are completely unaware that almost all of their habits, routines, impulses and reactions are not theirs but an invisible puppet master’s direction, willing them to develop these neuro-linguistic pathways (NLP) through 24/7 monitoring and countering of any resistance to the invisible agenda.

An invisible puppetmaster controlling the human collective and directing it to their negative agenda? Right off the bat, we have already jumped the ship from sanity.  The immediate reaction is rejection, as there is no way that we, the most intelligent species on the planet, could be victim to something so incredibly prevalent and widespread; something that has literally tricked us into thinking we are independent and have free will, yet has imprisoned us on a level that is absolute.  This reaction is completely understandable, and, honestly, to be expected. So, if you have made it this far and wish to not continue reading, this is understandable. The only request is that you analyze this feeling inside of you, notice how strong it is? Question that.  For those who wish to continue, let us explain how this works, then more importantly: WHY?

Let us begin with the known elements of this system. Through confirmed science, it is already understood  that there is much more going on than meets the eye. Visible perception is what is called visible light, or the rainbow spectrum of color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet), this light spectrum is 5% of the full measurable spectrum of light. Broken down, what this means is that we can see with our human eyes only 5% of what there is to be seen. What has not yet been confirmed conclusively by hard science is the fact that we are multidimensional creatures with multiple forms of a body on many different energetic levels and densities.

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Transhumanism: The Annihilation of Humanity?

“Estulin explains that the transhumanists wish to become post-human: “A post-human is someone who has been modified with performance enhancing body and brain augmentations to the point that they could no longer call themselves human.”” – K Barrett

TranshumanistWeatherReporterPut on your tinfoil hat and wax paranoid with me for a moment.

Imagine that you knew your neighbor was planning to kill you. Imagine he had the means, motive and opportunity to do so. What would you do?

You would take action to stop him, correct?

Now imagine you learned that this same neighbor was going to kill your whole family as well. I assume this would steepen your resolve to do something about it.

And then it gets worse: The neighbor is going to poison the water supply and kill your entire town, village or city. And worse than that: He’s going to mass-murder your whole nation. And worse yet: He’s going to kill every human being on the face of the earth…and maybe even all the animals, plants, and other life forms.

And he’s openly bragging about it. He says he will soon have weapons to pull it off. And you have reason to believe that he may very well be right.

What would you do?

If you didn’t resolve to stop him by any means necessary, and immediately put that resolve into action, you would be at least seven billion times stupider and crazier than someone who didn’t defend his own life against a murderous, psychopathic neighbor.

This is the position we all find ourselves in as we learn about the transhumanist agenda of the New World Order. These people are literally plotting to kill us all  – and quite possibly most or all of the earth’s other life forms as well. Continue reading “Transhumanism: The Annihilation of Humanity?”