Physical Reality Quantum Energy Update

 lightLisa Transcendence Brown –  A powerful influx (coming through you) is flooding our planet(ary) bodies (Earth/ours) with mega-wattage advanced geometric light. These do “everything”. Activate everything. Stimulate, over-stimulate for those not caring for their new Light Bodies / physical bodies as DNA re-coding intensifies to accelerate higher consciousness evolution.

These collapse old program timelines for all to unify at a higher frequency than before. These activate the crystalline light body of Gaia/Us for “more movement” (This went full blown yesterday afternoon/all through last night and continues to amplify now). These go straight for the heart/brain/spine, as well as glands/organs/flesh and every body-system in order to exacerbate any distortions to become visible, as well as stimulate all new Earth creations to come into fruition (materialize) faster/easier too! Continue reading “Physical Reality Quantum Energy Update”