Use the Power of Prayer

prayerJennifer Hoffman – How many times have you prayed for better relationships, more money, a better job, a new home, peace and joy? And how many times do you repeat your prayers when you do not receive what you asked for? Do you pray the same prayers every day or every week?

Do you believe that your prayers will be answered or do you think that the Creator and the Universe are deaf because your prayers go unanswered? What do you do then, do you feel defeated and powerless? Do you ask again and hope that your prayers are heard? You should know that every prayer reaches Source and every desire of your heart is answered. The fact that it seems your prayer is not answered immediately is not a sign that you are not being heard, but that there are other lessons or issues involved in the outcome.

A prayer is not a petition to God for mercy, blessings, and grace, as you are taught by religion. A prayer is an affirmation of your divine connection and a declaration of the creative power that you already have. While you may have learned that if you want anything you have to ask for it in prayer as a powerless penitent rather than a powerful master, that is not true. Ascension mastery requires that you affirm your creative power as multi-dimensional masters, so when you pray you are merely affirming your co-creative partnership with Source and bringing that which already exists into your reality as a new potential. Are you affirming joy, abundance and peace, or are you affirming sadness, lack and chaos? Everything that you could possibly desire is already yours and your prayers bring new potentials into form in your reality.

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Angel Messages For November 28 – December 4, 2016 [Video]

Doreen Virtue – It’s a week to let go of worries, and instead focus upon your spiritual power including the healing energy of prayers. This week’s video includes meditations and prayers to help you to transform worries into empowerment.

From the Archangel Michael Oracle Card deck at:

SF Source Doreen Virtue  Nov. 2016

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Angel Messages For November 9 – 15, 2015 ~ Angel Oracle Card Reading [Video]

Doreen Virtue – It’s a week of instant manifestation, with lots of abundance in all forms coming your way.

The week begins with you making plans and doing research about your next step to take. The planning stage of manifestation is important, so you won’t want to rush through it or overlook it. Planning can also include praying for divine guidance about what to do next.

Once you get the clear vision of your direction, the next step this week is to have faith and believe in yourself. Wednesday is the New Moon and the powerful Angel Number date of 11-11, so it’s a perfect time to pray for inner peace and world peace. Continue reading “Angel Messages For November 9 – 15, 2015 ~ Angel Oracle Card Reading [Video]”

Effective Ways to Clear and Protect Against Negative Energy

Banu Sekendur – We live in a world of duality, and this means that we experience ‘good and bad’ as well as ‘right and wrong’. This yin-yang theory exists within and without. The reason why the Earth-plane is a great school for a soul’s expansion is this very reason; if there was no duality, there would be no pain, no joy, no variety and no growth.

There are people and energies we encounter that offer us the lessons we need while we walk our path here on Earth. At times, this fact simply points to learning how to work with, clear and protect against negative energy, and energy that just isn’t ours. Though this article is mostly intended for highly sensitive people (empaths and intuitives etc.) it applies to everyone walking on this planet. Anyone can be effected by others’ energies, especially during times of high-stress and transition. Sometimes we attract, receive, and absorb negative energies from people or from our environment. This is part of life, and going through those experiences – and learning to protect ourselves from them – help us expand as individuals and souls.

That’s the story I am sticking with for now anyway, but in this evolution, your guess is as good as mine…

What Are Some of the Signs That You Have Picked Up Negative Energies?

  • You may get dropped calls, or a sudden, passing static on your phone while speaking to someone at a location where you don’t normally have that experience.
  • You may start feeling depressed out of the blue (!) and you’re not clinically depressed.
  • Suddenly, you can’t log into your bank account (or any other online account) and keep getting an error message even though your internet connection seems to be strong.
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The Warrior’s Prayer

prayerI am what I am

In having faith in the beauty within me I develop trust.

In softness I have strength.

In silence I walk with the gods.

In peace I understand myself and the world.

In conflict I walk away.

In detachment I am free.

In respecting all living things I respect myself.

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