One America News Network Sues ‘Fake News Queen’ Rachel Maddow for $10 Million

maddowSean Adl-Tabatabai – One America News Network (OANN) filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit Monday against ‘fake news queen‘ Rachel Maddow.

OANN is suing Maddow, MSNBC, Comcast Corporation and NBC Universal for defamation after they “maliciously and recklessly” suggested the network were a Russian state propaganda outlet, according to a complaint published by Law and Crime.

Maddow breathlessly stated that OANN “really, literally is Russian propaganda” on her show in July earlier this year. Continue reading “One America News Network Sues ‘Fake News Queen’ Rachel Maddow for $10 Million”

Rockefeller University Moves To Remove “Dude Wall” After Rachel Maddow Remarks

genderJonathan Turley – We have previously discussed universities are removing portraits of their founders or most accomplished figures because they are white males. The latest such example is Rockefeller University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute where neurobiologist  Leslie Vosshall announced that portraits of the winners of the prestigious winners of the Nobel Prize and the Lasker Award are displayed.

The problem is that they are the wrong race and gender so a panel is expected to order their removal. The “problem” was identified by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow who gave an award for leading female scientists and derisively referred to the portraits by asked “What is up with the dude wall?” Now the “Dude Wall” will be removed in a move that is as sexist as it is anti-intellectual. Continue reading “Rockefeller University Moves To Remove “Dude Wall” After Rachel Maddow Remarks”

Rachel Maddow Takes Huge Ratings Nosedive

maddowMSNBC’s Rachel Maddow goes head-to-head with Fox News’ Sean Hannity every week night, but since the Russiagate story imploded, so have her ratings.

Nielsen Media Research shows that “The Rachel Maddow Show” dropped to fifth in total viewers in July, behind “Hannity,” “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “The Ingraham Angle,” and “The Five.”

All of which are obviously Fox News programs. Continue reading “Rachel Maddow Takes Huge Ratings Nosedive”

Mueller Meltdown: Commentators Attempt To Spin Disaster For Democrats

muellerJonathan Turley – Yesterday, I covered the Mueller hearing with CBS and BBC as painful as that duty proved to be. It was an utter meltdown. Some of us had heard months ago that Robert Mueller had “lost a step” and was not viewed as in control of the final report. The Democrats were aware of that but, in what may be the single greatest political blunder in decades, put Mueller in front of cameras for six hours.

He proceeded to stumble through his testimony despite being allowed to repeatedly refuse to answer questions that were neither privileged nor classified. While many of us noted the many contradictions and befuddled performance, media stalwarts for the Democrats nevertheless declared the hearing a success.

MCNBC’s Rachel Maddow called it a “remarkable day” in which Mueller gave his ‘blunt” review of Trump. Others declared that it was a “victory” for Democrats and succeeded in creating a groundswell for impeachment.

Continue reading “Mueller Meltdown: Commentators Attempt To Spin Disaster For Democrats”

Rachel Maddow’s Ratings Plunge, CNN Ratings Drop Another 16% In Prime-Time

maddowJoseph Curl – Rachel Maddow’s reign is coming to an end.

The hard-left MSNBC talking head has pulled strong ratings since Donald Trump was elected. But things have changed dramatically since the report from special counsel Robert Mueller was released.

Maddow has pushed the Russia-Trump collusion for more than two years, but Mueller’s report said there was insufficient evidence to prove the charge. Mueller also refused to proceed with charges of alleged obstruction.

In May, Maddow’s show suffered its worst ratings since Trump took office, losing 500,000 viewers, Fox News reports. Continue reading “Rachel Maddow’s Ratings Plunge, CNN Ratings Drop Another 16% In Prime-Time”