Trump Hammers Media Over Constant ‘Hatred Of Me’

Rusty Weiss – President Trump lashed out at media coverage of his handling of the coronavirus saying the only thing he sees being produced is “hatred of me.”

The comments come as Trump grows increasingly frustrated that, despite his best efforts to update the public and implement policies which will benefit the American people, the mainstream media continually portray him as a bumbling racist.

He spared virtually no network, even lashing out at Fox News for trying to placate the left. Continue reading “Trump Hammers Media Over Constant ‘Hatred Of Me’”

Dems Racist Desperate Panic, Minorities for Trump, Economic Update [Video]

DemocratsGreg Hunter – Democrats’ hateful claim of racism for everything Trump is a sheer act of desperation. They looked bad with Mueller and the Russian “hoax.” Democrat debates have exposed a crazy side of the party that is a huge turnoff to most people, and impeachment is a very long shot. It appears the Democrats know they are not doing well, so they push a false narrative of racism and another hoax of widespread “White Nationalism.” Dems got nothing for 2020, and they know it. Continue reading “Dems Racist Desperate Panic, Minorities for Trump, Economic Update [Video]”

Democrats Are Running Out Of Race Cards [Video]

David Harris, Jr. with President Trump

Alicia Powe – The number one political weapon Democrats have used against all of their opponents, for decades, is racism.

Democrats, the political party that has fought for segregation and slavery, founded the Ku Klux Klan and vehemently opposed civil rights legislation throughout the party’s 227-year-old history, are ramping up their attacks on President Trump with baseless accusations of bigotry, as they have done to all of his Republican predecessors.

But their repeated attempts to derail Trump by bombarding the president and his supporters with allegations of bigotry is not only futile but backfiring,  David Harris Jr., author of “Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent,” surmises. Continue reading “Democrats Are Running Out Of Race Cards [Video]”

Trump is absolutely right about ‘con man’ Al Sharpton

Bob McManus – Once upon a time, when I was editing this newspaper’s opinion pages, somebody decided that it wouldn’t hurt to have a slightly more cordial relationship with the Rev. Al ­Sharpton.

So there we were, in a Manhattan steakhouse, discussing not much because it quickly had become clear that Sharpton enjoyed being New York’s premier racial grievance-monger, so there was no common ground to be had.

But he did show a flicker of interest in a $350 cognac on the after-dinner menu — glancing over with amusement in his eyes as the waiter hovered. “If you do, reverend,” I said, “I’m asking for separate checks.” Continue reading “Trump is absolutely right about ‘con man’ Al Sharpton”

Trump Meets With Black Pastors As Left Freaks Out Over His Criticism of Al Sharpton

trumpAs the left continued to freak out over Donald Trump’s criticism of Al Sharpton on Monday, the president met with African-American pastors and black community leaders.

Trump said he was “looking forward” to the meeting on Twitter. No reporters were invited.

After the meeting, Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Alveda King, and Pastor Bill Owens spoke to the media at the White House.

King told reporters who inquired about the meeting that she had a picture of Al Sharpton and also Rev. Jesse Jackson with Trump.

‘When Your Friends Lie, Who Needs Enemies?’

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