RFK, Jr., On Wuhan, The NIH, And Dr. Grouchy (Rhymes With Fauci)

FauciJoseph P Farrell – Well… ye olde plandemick plotte thickeneth… and many thanks to those of you who provided links that led to today’s blog and articles.

If you’ve been watching the latest developments, President Trump announced that his administration was “looking into” a grant of 3.7 million dollars to China’s Wuhan lab by various government agencies connected to – you guessed it, Dr. Anthony Grouchy (rhymes with Fauci), Bill Gates of Microcrud software fame, and – yup – Hahvaahd’s recently arrested Dr. Charles Lieber. But it’s not just anyone talking about this development, it’s a Congressman (Matt Gaetz, R-Florida) and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (really big D-Everywere): Continue reading “RFK, Jr., On Wuhan, The NIH, And Dr. Grouchy (Rhymes With Fauci)”

Big Pharma Shaking as Trump Appoints Top Vaccine Truth Advocate

Alexandra Bruce – The reason why I started this site was because the combine harvester of Corporatism had utterly infested science, education, pop culture and the news media, to say nothing of politics.

Honesty and transparency had become stultified and skeptics of Corporatist narratives were sanctioned, personally destroyed, ejected from power or otherwise demonized.

Six years later, we see the rise of Populism around the world, and the beginnings of a potential dismantling of this genocidal Corporatist juggernaut. A recent such example is the likely appointment by President Donald Trump of Robert F Kennedy Jr to a new Vaccine Safety Commission.

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