DeAnna Lorraine Is Challenging Nancy Pelosi in 2020

pelosiThe Horn News – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was blindsided by a new video from right in her own political backyard on Monday.

The liberal lawmaker is up for reelection in 2020 — and she won’t be able to coast to victory come November. Deeply unpopular among the average American voter, the end of her political career could be closer than anyone guessed.

Pelosi has a congressional challenger now — DeAnna Lorraine — the political activist running as a Republican in the 12th District of San Francisco. She announced her candidacy in a video that trashed Pelosi’s unpopular leadership. Continue reading “DeAnna Lorraine Is Challenging Nancy Pelosi in 2020”

Tourists Vote San Fransisco World’s Filthiest Hellhole

streetsSean Adl-Tabatabai – Tourists visiting San Fransisco have voted the city as being one of the filthiest slums on planet Earth, according to a recent survey.

Tourists have been left shocked and dismayed at the poor sanitary conditions, rampant crime, and open injection drug use on the streets. reports: ‘Is this normal or am I in a “bad part of town?,”‘ an Australian traveler recently posted to Reddit following a visit to the city, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

‘Just walked past numerous homeless off their faces, screaming and running all over the sidewalk near Twitter HQ and then a murder scene. Wife is scared to leave hotel now,’ the horrified Aussie added. Continue reading “Tourists Vote San Fransisco World’s Filthiest Hellhole”

San Francisco Declared One Of World’s Filthiest Slums

san francisco

Sean Adl-Tabatabai – San Francisco has been declared one of the world’s filthiest slums, with conditions dirtier than slums found in third world nations such as Kenya or India.

According to an NBC investigation, great swathes of the city are covered in feces and needles, as hospitals overflow with patients that have fallen ill due to the contamination.

NBC reports: How dirty is San Francisco? An NBC Bay Area Investigation reveals a dangerous mix of drug needles, garbage, and feces throughout downtown San Francisco. The Investigative Unit surveyed 153 blocks of the city – the more than 20-mile stretch includes popular tourist spots like Union Square and major hotel chains. The area – bordered by Van Ness Avenue, Market Street, Post Street and Grant Avenue – is also home to City Hall, schools, playgrounds, and a police station. Continue reading “San Francisco Declared One Of World’s Filthiest Slums”

Creativity: For The Good Of The Whole

The Energetic Connection | November 30 2012

Today I found a lovely piece of property for sale in Glenmalure, County Wicklow, Ireland. My first thought was about how perfect it is for a retreat center. Then I found this 2-year-old post I’d written at one of my favorite retreat centers in the Northern California Coastal Redwoods. It’s been rewritten a bit to fit…well, to fit the times, I guess.

Just About Two Years Ago

When we create, watching our seeds flower in another’s backyard…when we create, knowing we may not directly reap the financial rewards and notoriety…when we continue to create with enthusiasm, moving ourselves aside…when we create with gratitude, allowing the seeds of our creations to land and grow where they may…this is true manifesting .

“You don’t have to realize your visions personally to be a manifester,” I scribbled the words in my journal as the voice came in loud and clear. At the time, I had no idea how much larger than my own life this manifesto was to become.

Back then, in 2011, I stood at Skylonda’s Meditation Point where I’d been many times before, looking out through the mist, listening to the water falling below, smelling the rich and soggy earth, breathing-in the lichen-clear air.

A stone labyrinth nestled among giant Redwood fairy rings has now made its imprint where there was once only an empty spit of land, like an outcropping. Fertile ground and always sacred, many seeds had been planted and sown in that very place over the years that I’d been visiting–20 years of visits, almost to the week.

Upon exiting the sacred circle maze that day, I’d bowed, realizing I’d dreamed-in this labyrinth and everything that surrounded it: a non-profit educational retreat center that catered to consciousness and spirituality. It wasn’t mine, yet I’d helped bring it to fruition.

Soul Purpose

For 28 years before that day in 2011, I’d been quietly building this retreat center and holding space for its ever-evolving expansion. It had all begun in 1983 during one of my anxiety attacks when I first wrote the vision on tiny sheets of paper to distract myself from the painful and frightening panic in my body.

Then, the idea of a retreat soothed me and gave me something to look toward in an otherwise fearfully existential time in life.

Visions do Manifest!

Continue reading “Creativity: For The Good Of The Whole”