AG Bill Barr Gets Tough With ‘Sanctuary’ Cities

sanctuary citiesDavid Kamioner – Knowing such moves are popular with voters into the over 70 percentiles and that the Democrats are horribly vulnerable on the issue, late Monday afternoon Trump Attorney General Bill Barr announced tough new measures against urban Democratic bastions, so-called “sanctuary” cities, that regularly ignore or defy federal law on illegal immigration.

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr revealed the news at a National Sheriff’s Association conference in DC. Continue reading “AG Bill Barr Gets Tough With ‘Sanctuary’ Cities”

Oakland Police Chief May Get Fired for Following Federal Immigration Law

Conservative Zone – Oakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick is the subject of an internal affairs investigation and a formal complaint filed by a city commissioner. She’s also being questioned by furious City Council members for allegedly helping federal authorities arrest an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city.

On the job for less than a year, Kirkpatrick has quickly fallen out of favor with the left-leaning leadership of the city she’s vowed to protect. Sworn in as Oakland’s first female police chief in February, Kirkpatrick was widely touted as an experienced progressive reformer. Oakland’s top cop has admitted that she dispatched police officers to help federal agents during a human trafficking investigation at an Oakland home on August 16, 2017. Continue reading “Oakland Police Chief May Get Fired for Following Federal Immigration Law”