Types of Undergraduate Scholarships

scholarshipsWhich is better, spending a few hours applying for scholarships in your field of interest or spending your life paying off student loans? If you’re like most people you’d prefer to go the scholarship route. However, as attractive as this seems, it’s also hard to get most scholarships as the competition is quite fierce. You’ll likely find yourself doing a quite a bit of research into what’s available to you but the effort you put forth usually pays off in the end..

The first thing you need to be aware of is that undergraduate scholarships are of different types and fall into different categories. This article describes five undergraduate scholarships you might qualify for if your grades are up to par.

1- Subject-specific scholarships

Students often don’t know what they’re applying for and often search for everything they can. But if you have a clear academic path in mind and are sure where you’re headed career-wise you should apply for subject-specific scholarships. These are scholarships offered by groups associated with your chosen field of study. Continue reading “Types of Undergraduate Scholarships”