A Profound State of Being

BeingMaureen Moss – I write this from a new state of my being…from a place of relief, deep gratitude, peace, and first hand experience of witnessing the pattern of perfection and unfolding destinies being woven together in unimaginable ways following back-to-back retrograde upheavals, 3 Stargates, an Equinox and continuous waves and streams of highly organized Intelligent Diamond Light codes we are now deciphering and decoding, recalibrating, aligning with and beginning to experience an entirely new map of existence by.

2018 into 2019 doubled down on intense Cosmic instigators rapidly ushering us into a major New Life Cycle and the reincarnation of our Self-Realized Holy Christed Selves.

Though at times overwhelming, I’ve been reminded often of the fact that the inflow and then integration of new and higher frequencies, though intense as they occur, are being overseen by several of the Galactic world (Arcuturians, Sirians, Angelics, Elohim and more,) understanding that what is occurring in us and through us is a ‘sustainable phenomena,’ though must be taken in incremental stages. Continue reading “A Profound State of Being”

Life’s Goal Is Manifestation Of The True Self

selfVeronica – Coming into physical reality one expects to be challenged in many ways.  Ideally it is desired for the journey to be one of clear sailing.  Embracing the ability to create what is desired by the incarnate with ease.  However, as all of you know, it’s usually never easy.

Every day all of you use your thoughts to solidify dramatics and objects in the linear.  Many are successful, but there are those who find the manifestations elusive.  A person’s sense of self is often defined as the ego.  All hear often the pitfalls of the ego.  ‘Beware of the ego, it can derail your ascension to a higher frequency’.  Yes all of that can be true.

The ego, however, is the mediator between your conscious and unconscious awareness.  Whether one likes it or not, the ego is an integral part of your incarnation.  Propelling your soul through the reality is its purpose.  Again, the ego can get caught up in its quest by over indulging in its self importance.  It’s always a fine balance during the life. Continue reading “Life’s Goal Is Manifestation Of The True Self”

Inside Divine mind

lifeThe Angels – With a single act of will, you can dream up entire worlds in your imagination. You can imagine your perfect home, your perfect partner, your ideal life. You can be and do anything you like in these realms inside of you. You can fly, swim, play music, paint, write poetry, do great feats of strength, help thousands… for within the realms of your imagination, anything is possible. In your inner world you have no limits.

You can create a perfect and beautiful version of yourself as you know yourself now. You can create another version of yourself, living an entirely different, but also amazing life. You can get so happy with this exercise that you create numerous perfect versions of yourself, all doing different things, living in different ways, behaving differently. You love each and every one of these. You do not love one more than the other, for all are beautiful and perfect and living their own version of a perfect life.  Continue reading “Inside Divine mind”

When Is The Last Time You Were GENUINELY Yourself?

peaceElina St-Onge – Being 100% authentic to who you are, and at peace with it. Living from the Heart. Feeling comfortable within yourself. At all times. With everyone. No matter what “people dynamics” you are exposed to.

Now that’s a tough one for an ego who needs the approval, love and acceptance of others. Inner-peace sure is conditional when we are afraid to have our mind and its beliefs challenged in one way or another. But instead of basing our actions and state of being according to the fears, worries and desires of our ego, what we should ask our heart instead is:

Is it really worth it to compromise our natural state for the sake of appeasing the ego of others? Is it worth it to step away from our natural state and rather buy into our own egoic beliefs and fears? Continue reading “When Is The Last Time You Were GENUINELY Yourself?”

Transformation Through Universal Love

loveMorgan Lee – We have experienced some incredible opportunities for major transformation over the 8/8 gateway and pre-eclipse period. Numerous possibilities, depending on where we were in our own journeys.

A period of what seemed like extreme chaos, projection, blame, gossip, manipulation, etc. either as the recipient or a perpetrator.

Many wondering what on earth was going on if they were the recipient of this projected chaos not realizing that they just needed to make a new choice of self empowerment and letting go, basically choosing love for self, no matter what. Continue reading “Transformation Through Universal Love”