Embrace the Shadow Self

shadow selfWes Annac – What should you do when you experience a spiritual awakening in which you realize reality is an illusion, everything is connected, and you’re slowly evolving on a mental, physical, and spiritual level? It’s lot to take in, and what you do afterward is crucial.

You have a few options; some that will take you higher and some that will stall your spiritual growth indefinitely. You can, for example, start behaving in a way you assume is more “enlightened”. You can try to be positive every second of every day in hopes that your forced good mood keeps you in harmony.

You can go straight to social media, proclaiming to the world that you’re #woke and telling everyone to just stay positive (despite the very real hardships people go through every day). This will work for a while. You’ll feel like a #woke warrior with a high vibe and an unshakable spirit. If something goes wrong, you’ll tell yourself to just think positive; that it will all work out if you avoid negativity and refuse to get upset, and don’t think about what upsets you or bums you out. Just be positive. Continue reading “Embrace the Shadow Self”

How To Confront Parts Of Yourself You Are Ready To Face

“You don’t have to like something in order to love and accept it. It will go a long way for us to see everything happening in the world as a part of us.” L Jane

What is the Shadow Self?

MoonTreeShadowThe shadow self refers to parts or aspects of ourselves we hide from because we deem them unacceptable, ugly, unwanted, bad, or undesirable.  These are usually natural and valid parts of ourselves that because of social conditioning and internalized beliefs about what is “acceptable” or how we should be, we try to hide, mask or bury them deep in the subconscious mind.  There, they are like our shadow:  vague, mysterious, present in the subtle background or periphery of our conscious experience. These shadow aspects want to be acknowledged, however, and knock from our unconscious at the door to the conscious mind through dreams, emotional reaction, choices and other behaviours.

These shadows of ourselves are often represented in mythologies, tarot, esoteric and spiritual teachings as the moon, since the moon rules during the night when things are hidden, mysterious and unclear.  Emergency rooms and policy stations are said to be busiest on a full moon, revealing the unconscious influence this planetary body may have on our shadowy aspects.

Nature of the Shadow Self

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