Mysterious Unknown Plants and Magical Powers and Properties

Brent Swancer – On this great, green planet of ours there are innumerable species of plants, many of which have remarkable abilities and uses in the world of medicine, healing, even magic.

There are countless known plants with many purported or proven properties that we have already discovered, and there is without a doubt others yet to be uncovered out in the remote places of our world, with abilities we may not yet even be able to imagine.

Some of these have been spoken of in accounts and tales from the past, speaking of incredible effects and powers, but for which we are left with no answers as to what sort of plants they were or whether they still exist or not. These are the accounts of strange plants which are said to have existed that had some very potent and beneficial uses indeed, but which seem to have vanished into the tides of time.

One common theme of plants with supposed mystical qualities is the promise of immortality, and this has been pursued throughout the centuries in cultures all over the world. In ancient China, the search for some elixir of immortality using plants and herbs as an ingredient was a major passion and goal of alchemists across the land, and many of them believed that they had actually found it.  Continue reading “Mysterious Unknown Plants and Magical Powers and Properties”