Social Media Giants Remove Viral Video of Doctors Talking About Coronavirus

coronavirus liesArjun Walia – What Happened: A video circling around the internet about a group of doctors giving a press conference in the United States talking about the coronavirus and sharing their professional opinion has been deleted by social media platforms, and virtually wiped off the face of the internet. In the video, the doctors were promoting Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment/cure for COVID-19, suggesting that masks weren’t necessary, and implying that a vaccine may not be either.

This has obviously been listed as ‘fake’ information by fact checkers.

Other doctors have raised concerns whether or not the vaccine will be more dangerous than the actual virus, like the Physicians for Informed Consent. They published a report titled “Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC) Compares COVID-19 to Previous Seasonal and Pandemic Flu Periods.” According to them, the infection/fatality rate of COVID-19 is 0.26%. You can read more about that story and access the research here. Continue reading “Social Media Giants Remove Viral Video of Doctors Talking About Coronavirus”