The Divine Solar Feminine And Ascension

feminineAhtayaa Leigh – The divine solar feminine energies channel to us through the Pleiades star system and Venus. This pathway was chosen by the creator for a very specific reason.

It’s happening. We rapidly approach the end of a major cycle of fear and separation. We also enter a new cycle of peace and harmony.

Many thousands of emissaries of light, now in position around the globe, are ready to anchor the next influx of high frequency light. This will reach us in waves from the great central sun between now and 2018.

These upcoming waves of light are being channeled to us through the divine solar feminine aspect of the 12th dimensional golden ray. Its mission is to balance and unify us, within and without. Thus, it brings us into alignment with universal law and divine order.

Development of the Solar Feminine

Outside the central still point of creation, the universe is always seeking to find balance. Opposites make up the realm of duality. There is light/dark, male/female, increase/decrease, yin/yang. The sun (traditionally all masculine) and moon (traditionally all feminine) have been considered opposites too. However, in reality this is a gross oversimplification and one that has caused the energies of the masculine and feminine to become disqualified throughout the dark ages.

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