The Key Ingredient

purposeVeronica – We are often asked about the “purpose” of being incarnate. There can be a lost feeling regarding purpose when one is living a physical life. All wish to be purposeful but sometimes the essence of it slips through one’s fingers. It can make one feel adrift in a sea of dramatics. Feeling directionally lost compounds the disconnect.

The problem can be exaggerated by the defining of purpose based upon linear achievement. It is important to realize the vibration of your Soul is the key ingredient in purposeful existence.

The Universe is not interested in linear achievement. It is interested in how you exist in your environment with your vibration. Continue reading “The Key Ingredient”

5D Ascension Shift: The Human Genie Emerges from the Bottle

soulOpen – In a recent Livestream I foretold that I felt there was a 6 month window to keep the field open to support a widespread emergence of consciousness out of lockdown and the bogus pandemic measures. As we progress through Easter, the signs are positive: in various countries, groups of people, especially the young, are emerging in party mode. I’ve no doubt the shadow state has plenty more shenanigan’s up its sleeve, however, when I feel into the field, what comes to me is that “The Genie is out of the Bottle”…

The Badger, the Snake and the Fox

In my LiveStream (which you can watch here…Energy Workers Unite) I recounted the parable of the honey badger, the snake and the fox, based on an actual event you can watch on YouTube. Continue reading “5D Ascension Shift: The Human Genie Emerges from the Bottle”

Develop Your Daily 5D Shift Practice

soulOpen – A parting of the waves is happening in society. Whereas plenty are being drawn into a synthetic high tech agenda, a growing wave are liberating themselves and beginning to ascend into higher dimensional consciousness. It’s definitely something to get on board with right now, and to be clear about where your direction, purpose and destiny in life really is.

The real power we can call upon is the growing shift to higher dimensional consciousness. It’s expanding and liberating the soul into a new evolution of humanity; breaking free of the rigidty and control; unleashing profound authentic beingness; creating miraculously from 5D consciousness. Continue reading “Develop Your Daily 5D Shift Practice”

5D Ascension Update: Gaia Shifts Through the Dimensional Gears

soulOpen – The underlying field is shifting in intensity now. There are major infusions of light from the higher densities, especially the 5th Dimension. And like a finely crafted Swiss watch, this is turning the “cogs” in the lower dimensions.

The physical frequency of Gaia is vibrant, it’s positively coming alive in transformation, which we witness in the strengthening weather patterns and escalating earthquake and volcanic activity. Meanwhile the drama of the plandemonium on the human plane of the intellect is detaching – that’s why it’s appearing ever more surreal.

You may feel as though you’re going crazy at times. That’s why it’s vital ascending beings extract from this lunacy and join the ascending flow.

Continue reading “5D Ascension Update: Gaia Shifts Through the Dimensional Gears”