A New Season Awaits

self careKate Spreckley – The transformative energies we have been working with are reaching a peak and as we draw closer to the 11:11 portal our process of awakening and healing is being accelerated.

Currently our mental and emotional aspects are expanding to encompass the energy of our soul making it possible to connect more deeply with our intuitive nature. The mind may seem a bit fuzzy at this time as our feelings and intuition becomes stronger.

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Are There Soulless Beings In Human Society?

Cameron Day – The ruthless corporate CEO, the despotic dictator, the serial killer – We examine people like this and often say that they have no soul.  But is it true?  Are there actually humans that lack the fundamental essence of being that we call a soul? This is a very important topic, and one that is difficult to convey to others properly.  The very idea is repugnant to many people, and it can easily lead to a judgmental or falsely superior attitude if a person interprets this information in the wrong way.

When asking the question, “Are there “Soulless” humans in our society?” the answer that I will tell you is “Yes and no.” This is because in order to truly understand the question, we need a deep foundational understanding of Universal and Soul evolution, so I will do my best to convey these concepts as clearly and concisely as possible while answering this question. Continue reading “Are There Soulless Beings In Human Society?”

Your Spark of Divinity Is Immortal and Eternal

selfAA Michael – Beloved masters, never forget, your reason for Being is to become a conscious cocreator and that our Father/Mother God is the Life-Giving Force of your existence. You must let go of the straight line, linear time concept whereby your choices are limited and influenced by the past. A Self-master functions within the Law of the Circle, the concept of the Infinity Loop (a horizontal figure 8).

The Infinity Loop that continually flows forth from you is filled with Divine potential; however, the Infinity Loops around you in your personal Creator Wheel must contain the thought forms of harmonious frequencies to support your vision.

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The Sets, Costumes, and Scripts…

Veronica – While incarnate it is easy to get all caught up with the dramas of linear reality. It is a rush of events that can leave one spinning out of control. Reacting to the denseness while making choices can leave one confused and wondering how to navigate in such a sea of chaos.

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Ego Cannot Exist Without A Time-Based Reality

egoArno Pienaar – You have created an eidolon masquerading as yourself, a persona that you use to gain more out of the matrix. You may call the ego your personal matrix, as it is only relative to your own recognition and guidance of its ways and ethics.

For a more devolved being, the ego is perceives as self and not the “I” — the “beingness,” spirit or soul, call it what you prefer.

With the persona leading the charge, all connection to the soul is lost, causing total relativity to the primary matrix — in other words, complete slavery. Continue reading “Ego Cannot Exist Without A Time-Based Reality”