Skin Damage Be Gone! How to Protect Yourself from the Sun

Do you want to know exactly how to protect yourself from the sun, no matter what season you’re in? Skin damage can come from excessive exposure to the sun, exposure to harsh weather, and exposure to other harmful UV rays. Your skin deserves to be clear of toxins and 100 percent healthy — we’re here to help!

We’ll let you know the best way to protect your skin from the sun without spending tons of money on products. In this article, you’ll learn a variety of ways to keep your skin safe and better your cosmetic health. Read up on protecting yourself from the sun and other preventative measures for your skin. Continue reading “Skin Damage Be Gone! How to Protect Yourself from the Sun”

Chemicals In Sunscreen Break Through Skin & Seep Into Bloodstream

SunscreenArjun WaliaCollective Evolution has been creating awareness about the potential dangers of sunscreen since the beginning of 2009. When we started to, despite presenting credible peer-reviewed scientific publications and interviews with doctors and scientists, many simply thought this wasn’t true.

The idea that our federal health regulatory agencies are really looking out for our health and the idea that we can put absolute trust into these agencies as well as the products that they approve are no longer valid. Enormous amounts of corruption have been exposed over the past decade, which goes to show that we really need to rely on ourselves, utilize our critical thinking, and do our own research instead of allowing government authoritative bodies to do it for us.

Sunscreen, and the entire cosmetics industry for that matter, is a great example of how a lack of oversight exists when it comes to the approval of these products. How were they ever approved and marketed as safe? Continue reading “Chemicals In Sunscreen Break Through Skin & Seep Into Bloodstream”