Swedish Citizens Rise Up To Protest Globalism

SwedenSean Adl-Tabatabai – Citizens across Sweden have begun rising up to protest globalism, in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of French protestors.

As the anti-globalist movement continues to sweep across Europe, the people of Sweden took to the streets of Stockholm over the weekend, protesting the UN Migration Pact.

Voiceofeurope.com reports: Plenty of Swedish flags, placards and yellow vests were seen. children participated as well. “We are not extremists. We are ordinary Swedes”, shouted the protesters. Continue reading “Swedish Citizens Rise Up To Protest Globalism”

Sweden: 4,000+ Citizens Now Using Implanted Microchips 

swedenSean Adl-Tabatabai – Cash has become virtually extinct in Sweden as citizens use implanted microchips to pay for goods and services.

Over 4,000 Swedes so far have tiny microchips implanted under their skin, and the government predicts that cash will be entirely abolished before the year 2025.

Financialpost.com reports: The financial authorities, who once embraced the trend, are asking banks to keep peddling notes and coins until the government can figure out what going cash-free means for young and old consumers. The central bank, which predicts cash may fade from Sweden, is testing a digital currency — an e-krona — to keep firm control of the money supply. Lawmakers are exploring the fate of online payments and bank accounts if an electrical grid fails or servers are thwarted by power failures, hackers or even war. Continue reading “Sweden: 4,000+ Citizens Now Using Implanted Microchips “

Sweden Runs Out Of Garbage: Only 1% Ends Up In Landfills

“Sweden is an excellent example of a nation of citizens that care for their environment and their ecological footprint. If the Swedish are able to recycle 99% of their waste, why can’t we?” – A Ketler

Oslo Burns So Much Trash for Energy They’re Importing Rubbish
Oslo Burns So Much Trash for Energy They’re Importing Rubbish

Something incredible has been taking place in Sweden over the past several years, somewhat of a “recycling revolution,” if you will. Currently less than one percent of the garbage produced in Swedish homes ends up in the landfill today, with the other ninety-nine percent being recycled or composted.

Sweden has been known for years now for the amazing and resourceful waste management system that they have had in place for some time. They have 32 waste-to-energy (WTE) plants and this burned waste powers 20 percent of Sweden’s district heating as well as electricity for about 250,000 Swedish homes.

In fact, Sweden has become so good at recycling their waste; the country now has to import 800,000 tons of trash each year from the U.K., Italy, Ireland and Norway to keep their WTE plants up and running.

According to Swedish Waste Management communications director Anna-Carin Gripwell, “Waste today is a commodity in a different way than it has been. It’s not only waste, it’s a business.” Continue reading “Sweden Runs Out Of Garbage: Only 1% Ends Up In Landfills”

Kevin Samson ~ Neuroscientist Exposes Dangers Of Electromagnetic Fields [Video]

Activist Post  April 13 2014

Neuroscience has come under scrutiny for its involvement in an array of mind control initiatives and other ethically questionable research. But at least one neuroscientist from Sweden has gone on record to caution against the increasing dangers of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on human beings and other living organisms, as you will see in the presentation below.

Our modern world is creating an electromagnetic soup filled with electrical pulses, radio frequencies, computer screens, wireless signals, as well as personal devices such as cell phones and gadgets that are emitting damaging radiation. There are many peer-reviewed scientific studieswhich are drawing conclusions that should concern us all, but particularly young children and pregnant women. In fact, the debate is heating up to such a level that government agencies are even infighting over the matter, as evidenced when the Department of the Interior recently sent a letter with their own scientific papers chastising the FCC for using standards that are 30 years out of date. As the DOI stated, the concern is not only in the negative health effects upon people, but upon wildlife as well.

Continue reading “Kevin Samson ~ Neuroscientist Exposes Dangers Of Electromagnetic Fields [Video]”