The Ideological Roots of ‘The Squad’ in Academic ‘Postcolonial’ Theory

'The Squad'L.E. Ikenga – To understand the ideological goals of the so-called “Squad” of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley, one needs to understand the academic theories labeled colonial and postcolonial studies.  Many of us “people of color” who have direct or indirect ties to other parts of the third world have seen this nonsense being peddled many times before.

What we are witnessing, despite the veneer of watermelon politics, is not just Marxism, or Alinkyism, or socialism, or communism, or Black Pantherism, or eco-fascism.  We are seeing iron-fisted colonial and postcolonial theory acting itself out on the national stage.

The study of European colonialism  and its aftermath, post colonialism, is a combination of all of those leftist social, economic, and environmental projects rolled into one, presented under the auspices of a systematic academic canon. It uses insider academic jargon to bemoan the aftereffects of having once been dominated, and against their will, culturally transformed by a European colonial power. Hence, the terms “colonialism” and “postcolonialism.” Continue reading “The Ideological Roots of ‘The Squad’ in Academic ‘Postcolonial’ Theory”

It’s No Longer about Equality

the squadJeffrey Folks – The Squad is offended because someone finally talked back.  Even after some foul-mouthed attacks on the president of the United States, the Squad members thought they should be immune to criticism.  That’s the problem: not the president’s pushback, but the Squad’s apparent belief that, because it comprises “people of color,” those people are immune to the rules that apply to everyone else.

That, unfortunately, has been the assumption for too long now.  Minorities achieved legal equality in the 1960s, and they proceeded to claim the equivalent of reparations in the form of affirmative action, minority set-asides, preferential admissions based on race, and thousands of informal arrangements in the workplace granting preference in terms of evaluations and workload. Continue reading “It’s No Longer about Equality”

For Being Such an Idiot, Trump is Pretty Smart

Brian C. Joondeph – We have been hearing now for four years, ever since that escalator ride at Trump Tower, how then-candidate, now-President Trump is such an idiot. The media, Democrats, and NeverTrumpers, virtually in lockstep assured us that Trump would never be the Republican nominee. When he was, they doubled down promising that he would never be president. Every so-called opinion poll confirmed their predictions.

So who turned out to be smart, winning the White House, and who turned out to be a bunch of buffoons? Yet they still couldn’t admit that they were wrong, predicting that Trump would be impeached or that he would resign from office under intense pressure from critics and scandal. From Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti to Robert Mueller to Megan Rapinoe, each one was portrayed as the dragon-slayer ready to bring down Trump.

All have come and gone like the seasons, bringing down nothing but their reputations and what little integrity they might have possessed. Yet Trump haters won’t give up. Trump is still too stupid and incompetent to be president, they tell us. He is an embarrassment to the country and the world. Continue reading “For Being Such an Idiot, Trump is Pretty Smart”