Pinching it off or letting love flow

thoughtsThe Angels – For a moment, imagine you are a farmer living in a very beautiful land. Your crops depended on water from a nearby spring. Now imagine that this is a magical spring. When you think thoughts of love, kindness, peace, or any that inspire you, soothe you, or delight you the water runs freely. It bubbles up, unobstructed, and fills all the trenches.

When you think thoughts of anger, sadness, frustration, or jealousy, the ground closes temporarily and the water supply is pinched off. When the waters are running your crops are nourished and flourish. When the waters are pinched off, your crops barely grow, if at all. Continue reading “Pinching it off or letting love flow”

Who do you want to be?

thoughtsThe Angels – As you rebirth your world and your own lives, ask yourselves, “What do I want to take with me into this new reality? What do I wish to leave behind?” We are not talking about your belongings as much as your habits, your routines, your thoughts, beliefs, and stories.

Think about this often… “Who do you want to be?” We don’t expect you to answer this quickly. You are like newborn children right now upon your planet. Individually and collectively, you are in a deep exploration of Self.

Ask yourself, “What gives you joy? What tears you down? What enlivens you? What exhausts you? What do you do from passion and what do you do from duty? How can you make your duties more pleasurable?”

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How Changing Your Thoughts Changes Your Life

thoughtsPaul Lenda – How many thoughts do you have every day? How many of these thoughts are ones you are consciously aware of? How many of them are helpful to you or others? How many of them are harmful? Taking this path of self-inquiry can help you perform a “thought audit” where you assess whether your current life circumstances are being improved or worsened by your thoughts.

Self-responsibility is the mark of an evolved person who takes ownership of the way they feel and what they experience. Your thoughts are the most powerful form of energy in the multiverse. They can create something from nothing, which is a remarkable feat when you think about it.

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Give up the Battles

thoughts inspireThe Angels – In your hearts you want to be happy. In your hearts you want to feel connected. In your hearts you have dreams and desires. These exist right here, right now, within you. They are not yet tangible in your 3D reality, but they exist, nonetheless, quite real, in the world of energy.

When you think of these desires and fantasize about having them in your life, you feel good. When you think about not having them you feel bad. When you think about having them you feel inspired, guided, and clear. When you think about not having them, you can easily fall into depression, despair, and despondency. Continue reading “Give up the Battles”

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Scientific Experiments

Helen Elizabeth Williams – Are you aware of the following?

Water crystal – LOVE

Our thoughts (whether positive or negative) define how we perceive a situation, how we react and respond to them, and what we learn from them. 

We know that in the end thoughts define our behavior, which when repeated consistently becomes a habit, and eventually becomes ingrained as an attitude towards life? 

As a result, our thoughts affects what we believe about ourselves and our capabilities, and hence what we are capable of and will do.

Most of us are aware of that. However, there is something far more special about rating thoughts higher than everything else. It is knowing how they can impact our lives in the long run. Continue reading “Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Scientific Experiments”