A New Disease Carrying Tick Species Has Been Discovered

tickArjun Walia – So many problems are created by powerful people, and then these same powerful people like to offer us the solutions. A great example would be false flag terrorism, like lying and staging chemical gas attacks in Syria, and then using them as an excuse to infiltrate, invade and bring ‘democracy’ to that country in order to protect its people. You can read more about that specific example here.

This is known to some, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently expressed in a Facebook post regarding global warming, as “disaster capitalism,” the science of how corporations and tyrants profit from the crisis they create, regardless of whether that crisis is staged or real.

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There’s a Tick-ing Time Bomb Out There

ticksRobert Boyd – Tick, tick, tick… If you’re thinking about a clock right now, think again. I’m talking about the tiny, but extremely dangerous creature making its presence felt in the U.S. this year like never before.

A significant increase in the number of ticks is being reported in many states around the country.

And these ticks are creating a wide variety of diseases. The most well-known of which is Lyme disease.

It’s a serious infection carried by deer ticks. Lyme disease can be spread to any animal or human the tick latches onto and bites.

Lyme Disease One of Many

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