Staying at Home Gets on Your Nerves?

Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is.” – Thomas Szasz

Estee Horn – Are you fed up with being at home?

timeIt’s almost a year we’re spending too much of our time at our houses. Even if we’re not working from home, almost everything else is closed. Sometimes we feel the walls are closing in on us. It’s not a great feeling.

If we also have kids, who are practically jailed with us for long periods that seem like forever, life is even tougher. Our children are climbing the walls, getting under our skin, and putting our mental health at risk.

No wonder, then, that these days many of us are prone to lose it every now and then, and feel both aggravated and guilty. Everyone else looks at us shocked (as their collapsing happens a bit later.) Continue reading “Staying at Home Gets on Your Nerves?”

The Balancing Point

timeSteve Rother – Greetings, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

I join you this day because your time frames are starting to move incredibly fast. It’s a very interesting process for us to watch, because now things are rapidly bubbling to the surface. It’s a wonderful time because you are in the era of mastery.

These are the times where you can take anything and master it very quickly. It might help to define what mastery truly is from our perspective. Quite simply, it means what you have mastered no longer causes a problem for you because your flow through life is not restricted. During these times it is actually the flow you can master, rather than every aspect of things that enter your life. And that will also lead to the mastery of life, which is why you came to Earth. Continue reading “The Balancing Point”

Is Time Speeding Up?

timeBrooks Agnew – I know what you’re thinking. Time is speeding up. It feels like that because so much is coming at us all at once. Perhaps it is a function of the 24-hour news cycle. Perhaps it is the electric environment with extended daytime provided by lights and multi-time-zone access to live events. Is time is moving at the same rate it has moved for thousands of years?

Perhaps, what is really happening is a compression of awareness that occurs we have more of a database from which to draw for comparison. “Where did the time go?” middle-aged and older adults often remark. Many of us feel that time passes more quickly as we age, a perception that can lead to regrets. According to psychologist and BBC columnist Claudia Hammond, “the sensation that time speeds up as you get older is one of the biggest mysteries of the experience of time.” Fortunately, our attempts to unravel this mystery have yielded some intriguing findings. Continue reading “Is Time Speeding Up?”

Sacred of Days

timeRebecca Couch – It is important to process your emotions as they arise, for they are varied and frequent. There is so much of the old errs and victories and struggles and sadnesses and complexities to process. It is a soup of all that you have experienced in your vast and intricate journey.

Allowing them to be felt and cleared again is the acknowledgement of all that you have been and the alchemy for all you are becoming. Honouring them allows the inward focus that is essential now, for all that is spinning about you is distraction from the real truth which is what is taking place inside of you. Continue reading “Sacred of Days”

House of Mirrors

timeSteve Rother – Greetings! I am Observer.

I join you this day because a shift of energy lies just ahead. These are opportunities for you to see each other at higher levels, and that is the energy that we’re hoping will ground over the next several months. Stepping up may not be an easy process, especially as division continues to grow.

With the recent health struggles, it has become more difficult to take those next steps up. And yet, if you can only reach out your hands to harmonize with those around you, you’ll understand how simple all of it can be. You become incredibly strong when you actually reach out in that way.

Continue reading “House of Mirrors”