IELTS Writing Tips

IELTSWriting components of the International English Language Testing System exam (IELTS) are designed to evaluate how appropriately you write a response, accurately use vocabulary and grammar, and organize ideas. IELTS exams comprise two tasks which students must respond to in an hour as perfect essay writers.

The first task requires candidates to provide a written response on a subject of their choice. For example, you may decide to write a film analysis essay which describes, explains, or summarizes visual information such as tables, diagrams, or graphs. The second task requires response to a problem, argument, or point of view while discursively considering the issues that matter. The answers you provide must be relevant to the topic at hand. Continue reading “IELTS Writing Tips”

Forgiveness calms the storms

loveJohn Smallman – The Oneness that is God, that is All That Is, includes every sentient being ever created or that ever will be created: There is NO separation!  Ever.  But, living in form, as humans, the reality of this escapes you.

You have forgotten the Truth, and because of the severely limiting beliefs that being human imposes upon you, you need divine Guidance to find your way Home.  And that Guidance – the Holy Spirit – is always with you waiting patiently for you to take the time to listen.

Living as humans in form your egos are extremely vociferous, making it very difficult for you (you are not your egos, although your egos don’t want you to know that) to hear the still small voice for God.  Sometimes you do hear but refuse to believe it, thinking that you know better.

Continue reading “Forgiveness calms the storms”

Time – The Illusory Phenomenon

timeZen Gardner – It’s been wisely said that coming here to live in this 3-D reality is an opportunity. Whether we’ve been here before many times around or are just new, it’s a golden opportunity to experience, learn and evolve. This reality we find ourselves in apparently is a slowed down and densified experience, for whatever purposes. We just have to accept what we’ve been handed, whatever the source. After all, we’re here. We can start from there.

And with It all comes “time”.

What is time? Basically it appears to be a sort of construct, a projected marking system we co-create at this level. It’s therefore essentially an illusion in the truly grand scheme of things, in which we track in slow motion what we’re experiencing so as to understand what is playing out and thereby learn from. The present is the only real time. There is no past, it’s simply the wake of the ship of the present. And there is no future. There never will be. Like the illusory imprint of the past, the illusion of future is a massive concept to wrap our heads around and dissolve into reality. Continue reading “Time – The Illusory Phenomenon”

 Is your head spinning yet?

timeGregg Prescott, M.S. – Is your head spinning yet? As we go further down the rabbit hole, we’re finding some amazing findings such as the False Light Matrix, archons, ET’s being tracked to the other side of the moon, what to expect with Pluto in Capricorn and so much more.

Michael Tsarion once said that it’s extremely rare to hear anything original because most people regurgitate the same thoughts. Any website can regurgitate these same thoughts but not In5D. I’ve written several articles that not only challenged the truths of many people, but my own as well. These are difficult articles to release because they contradict many of the things we were taught as the “truth”. I’d much rather publish the truth than fluffy new age articles that mislead people. Continue reading ” Is your head spinning yet?”

We sit within ‘Assemblies of Time’ 

timeGillian MacBeth Louthan – We sit within the Assemblies of Time. We are cosmic of nature beyond what you deem angelic or hallowed within your recorded history.  The veils within us house our true form with a flash from a distant star and time.  Let your sense feast upon our rainbows and pathways of stellar continence. We are different in height and width yet we are identical in Beginning. On earth does a tall man have more truth than a short man?  We are tailor made to fit your world as we have the ability to generate light in many spectral directions.

The Masters of Light that have walked earth and all of their aspects intend to use our presence as a doorway to embark upon a journey to alleviate mankind’s self-induced suffering.  Cosmic rays from deep space come forth as what was has exploded in all of its glory dissipating into space and time truths that could be received no other way.  Traveling faster than a light beam they emanate from the central core of deep space and extend themselves to all that will receive them. Continue reading “We sit within ‘Assemblies of Time’ “