How to Free Yourself From Toxic Beliefs

toxic beliefsPaul Lenda – We are all born free, yet we imprison ourselves with toxic beliefs.

These beliefs limit our ability to evolve and become better versions of ourselves. Every single one of these toxic beliefs was imposed on our impressionable minds. Over time, they became ingrained into our minds in a way which convinced us that they were true.

How to Identify a Toxic Belief

Identifying a toxic belief is pretty simple. You just need to notice whether you feel stronger, more empowered, and more expansive after that belief becomes relevant in some way.

The caveat in this is that we may mistake our ego’s pride and arrogance for strength and empowerment when in reality, it’s playing into the toxic belief that we are always right. This toxic belief that we are always right is driven by fear…fear of being wrong. Continue reading “How to Free Yourself From Toxic Beliefs”