Reclaim Your True Identity

As we observe your journey toward ascension, what we see as the fast track to accelerate your ascension is acceptance ~ acceptance of your true identity, your Divine Self. For when you know who you are, endowed with the priceless gifts of Divine creation to create the life that fills you with joy, you are unstoppable and no obstacle can stand in your way. – The Council of Ascended Masters

timeSharon – Just as the acceptance of your true identity will create victory in every area of your life, so has the non-acceptance of your true essence created all the problems in your life. We will take it a step further: non-acceptance of humanity’s Divine Self has caused every problem on Earth today.  We say this without any exaggeration. For ever since what has been called the fall of humanity, when you first individuated out of the heart of Source and began your own evolutionary journey, you felt separate from Mother-Father Source, and felt alone and abandoned.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth as you are always and forever One with the Presence of the Divine within you, for it is your very essence, which eternally connects you with Mother-Father God. Each of you are the cherished beloved son or daughter of the Creator fully equipped with the same creation abilities as Divine Source so you can create infinite abundance, joy and freedom in every area of your life. Continue reading “Reclaim Your True Identity”

Conscious Connection with God

“When living as your Presence you are totally available to create with God what YOU would like to see in your life and in the world according to your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times. As you come to truly trust and accept with deep conviction that God is always looking after you and the Universe is also there to support you, then fear and doubt naturally dissolve and you are truly free to create your reality with God as your own Presence.” – ~ Mother Mary

“Sunrise” – photographer Robin

As the ego’s need to control is fully and happily released, an immense relief naturally fills your mind and body with new possibilities. This long-awaited relief opens up spaces in your thinking that have laid dormant for thousands of years. A major step in realizing the immensity of this relief comes when you have let go of any need to be attached to any particular outcome. This includes attachments to other people, places, material possessions or any set of circumstances. This conscious and loving release leaves you completely free to create your life in true oneness with God.

Fear of losing one’s identity is a major concern for all 3rd dimension humans. This fear stems from an ages-old egoic practice of continually supporting identities that have been created out of humanity’s 3rd dimensional pool of collective consciousness. This practice has effectively cut off meaningful communication with one’s God Presence in all but the most dire of circumstances when one has turned to God for assistance with great passion.

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