Era of Pure Potential

lifeKate Spreckley – For too long our world and our lives have been governed by the need to survive. We have lived with the idea that life follows a monotonous and predictable path of experience. We have followed the well-worn steps of the past and have repeated the cycles of ancient history.

Now with the world in crisis and our known structures becoming unstable we are forced to embark on a new journey, to carve a new path, to go where no man has gone before. We are urged to embrace the mystery and to become comfortable with the unknown. Continue reading “Era of Pure Potential”

Walk in Beauty and Live in Trust

beautyAA Gabriel – These words clarify the way to a carefree, joy-filled and peaceful life. Walking in Beauty means to look at all you see with your heart and mind. This might mean to see beyond the surface appearance of disharmony and know there is perfection and beauty within a situation. There is beauty all around you and sometimes it takes a prayer such as “let me see the beauty here, Angels,” to make this apparent.

Walking in Beauty also means to allow the awareness that there is beauty in this world to bubble to the surface, so you can be conscious of the great beauty of God’s creation. One flower holds as much of the key to universal knowledge as does a whole field of flowers.

Do all you can to be aware of the beauty around you and to bring more beauty into your world. Bringing that one flower into your home can brighten the day, as the spiritual essence in that flower permeates your world. Look for beauty every day and be grateful for all that you find. Continue reading “Walk in Beauty and Live in Trust”

Learn to Trust Yourself

trust AA Gabriel – As the light within you grows stronger and brighter, you will find yourself bringing more wisdom and love to your world. You will begin to trust more deeply in yourself and know you are divinely guided at every moment.

Trust is an energy that grows the more you use it. Like a muscle that strengthens with exercise, so it is with trust. It comes not from the power of your doing, as much as it is an allowing of energy to flow through your being.

Trust comes from a deep level of faith. At the core of your being you know there is a Higher Power at work. You can turn your life over to this Divine Presence and things will begin to move in positive directions. Learn to listen more to your intuition than to what society tells you is true. Learn to listen to the voice of your higher self, which is your connecting link to the Divine Source. Remember that you know, deep within, what is best for you. Your higher self knows the answers to all the questions you ask. Continue reading “Learn to Trust Yourself”

The main theme for September is “Flexibility and Trust”

September 2020Lena Stevens – We are carrying much anxiety over the future and the energies are all over the map. We don’t know what’s up or down and where we are going or what we should be doing half the time. We can’t make plans, and some days feel like one step forward and two steps back. We don’t know exactly where to focus our intentions or what intentions to make. And, we are still processing old emotional debris that continues to be uncovered during these stressful times.

Although this picture seems like a negative one, it describes a changing landscape, much like the aftermath of a sandstorm, and we are riding out a fairly significant sandstorm during these times. This month is about finding that place of inspiration and excitement for change, facing challenges proactively, and finding opportunity in the face of opposition and loss. The discipline will be to stay flexible and engage in trust, hope and confidence in your own ability to create and manifest a right future and a right livelihood. Continue reading “The main theme for September is “Flexibility and Trust””

Preparing For The Unforeseeable

2 August – Sun square Uranus
2 August – Mercury square Eris
3 August – Full Moon 11° Aquarius
4 August – Venus conjunct Node of Fate
4 August – Mars square Jupiter
4 August – Mercury into Leo
7 August – Venus into Cancer
8 August – Lions Gate

Lion's GateLorna Bevan – The August Gateway is wide open inside the Lions Gate and the magnetic shifts are everywhere amplified by an incoming solar wind. The second half of the 2020 acceleration – which to many in the 3D world feels like a deceleration- is in play.

Start by becoming more creative, inventive and flexible with the routines and coping strategies you‘ve habituated to since March. It’s time to move more consciously into Creator mode, staying in the Now whilst envisioning the December Solstice shift. Continue reading “Preparing For The Unforeseeable”