Things You Can’t Hide From An Empath

empathSusan Mullen – Empaths come into the world already experts of nuance and what isn’t revealed. A true empath can discern which way is up with others, but it doesn’t mean it is fun for an empath. It’s often quite the opposite.

It isn’t easy for them to call out a friend, relative, or colleague on being dishonest on a ‘hunch’. Because for them, it is never just a hunch. They don’t just hear truth or dishonesty, they feel it.

They are connected to the unseen field of consciousness via their extra ordinary open senses, the first one being their intuitive sense, a.k.a. the sixth sense, but it is really our first, original sense. Because of this, they will almost always surround themselves with a close-knit circle of like-integrity and like-vibe people who share in an uplifting, supportive, peaceful give and receive way of being, without the heaviness of the toxic energy of expectation and demand.

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Essential Truths Most People Forget

truthPaul Lenda – Life is a stream of experiences that help continuously shape who we are. There are certain essential truths that we acknowledge at certain points of our lives, yet usually tuck away into the depths of our subconscious minds. We are usually preoccupied with other things and don’t allow the power of those essential truths to guide us as we navigate through life. That’s why I felt it would be a good idea to reflect on some of the essential truths of life we often forget about.

Let’s jump right into what they are.

You Are Your Life’s Architect

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.” These words, spoken 2,500 years ago by Buddha, are some of the most profound ever spoken. Yet, we often forget to live by them. If we lived our lives as if we were the architects of them, we would stop getting involved in self-sabotage. Continue reading “Essential Truths Most People Forget”

October 2020 Energy Report

energy reportJennifer Hoffman – And here we are in another month as we enter the final stages of this monumental year, one we will certainly not forget. If 2020 taught us one thing it’s that being grounded, energetically sovereign, with strong energy boundaries and a clearly defined energy container is so important to our ascension path. If we didn’t learn that yet we have a few more months to get it accomplished.

After months of tortuous waiting and suffering through one level of crazy after another, we seem to have reached a new level of energetic equilibrium. We are now in greater levels of alignment with 5D light and frequencies and if you’re feeling more centered, comfortable, and motivated lately, that’s why.

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Lightworkers, Are You Alone Or Strategically Placed?

lightworkersGostica – Lightworkers are beacons of light in a world full of dark.  People are attracted to them because of the way light emanates from them.

I hear from so many people who feel isolated and alone during this awakening and massive paradigm shift taking place around the globe.

Spouses can’t wake up partners to the truth; family members and close friends think you’ve gone wonky, while the mainstream matrix mouthpieces keep up their barrage of derision against anyone who dares to look past the range of their narrow blinders.

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How To Recognize A Spiritual Ego

truthKashi – Nice people often want to help others and spiritual people are no different, but as we begin to seek our own enlightenment, we find out very quickly from those that have gone before us, that we can not and must not try to “help” others spiritually, until we have attained to our own enlightenment lest we hinder them.We describe the process of self-realization and enlightenment as “waking up” because we have learnt that everything we may not have previously realized is already there.

We all function normally with our own perspective, born out of our own needs and cultivated by our actions and beliefs throughout our lives. If at some juncture, we begin considering our spiritual side, we soon realize that the boundaries around the ideas we have of ourselves are nothing more than imaginary fences that we have constructed in our psyche to protect and maintain the idea of who we are in the eyes of others.

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