Roots of the ‘Civilizational Crisis’ Facing the West [Video]

truthJan Jekielek – “This view that there is no truth, but only power has emanated through and infected…our whole cultural and institutional life,” says Dr. Stephen Blackwood, President of Ralston College.

“We are facing civic alienation, inner-city violence, the devastation of our inherited intellectual and spiritual culture.” These are evidence of the sickness ailing Western civilization, in Blackwood’s view. Continue reading “Roots of the ‘Civilizational Crisis’ Facing the West [Video]”

Truth And Lies In A Digital Media Era

truthCarver Gunlocke – In Sir Walter Scott’s epic, but mostly forgotten, poem, “Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field,” Scott penned his famous couplet: “Oh what a tangled web we weave / When first we practice to deceive.” Those lines resonate today when Americans are submerged in an ideological fog of artificial truth thanks to the American media.

In step with them are digital social media platforms. In addition, our universities, political class, and elites are foisting information that is laden with lies and half-truths to promote their social and political agenda — and they are doing it with some considerable success. Continue reading “Truth And Lies In A Digital Media Era”

No Delete Key

lightKryon – This is the statement of many of the lightworkers hearing or reading this right now, at this moment. It’s almost like you’re sitting in a chair in this room, and there is light on the chair – and so you know God is there – but you don’t know what to do in order to clear away the ugly things. You see, there is no delete key in your brain.

Peeling the Onion of Consciousness

Have we told you yet that you are multidimensional? Indeed, you are. Your soul is multidimensional, love is multidimensional, and even your biology is multidimensional. You think this is fanciful talk? If so, then why are there such things as “quantum biologists”?

Continue reading “No Delete Key”

So many truths

truthThe Angels – Imagine two people are standing next to each other. A new person comes to stand between them. Suppose we asked the original two, “On which side is the new person standing?” One would answer truthfully, “They’re on my left.” The other would answer truthfully, “They’re on my right.” It is easy to see in this example that each person – answering from their individual position, perspective and point of view is telling their truth.

Likewise, suppose we placed a piece of chocolate in front of two people, and asked them, “Is this good for you?” The person who doesn’t eat sugar would reply vehemently, “Absolutely not!” The person who takes delight in sweets would answer, “Absolutely yes!” Again, who is right? We would suggest that, from their unique position, perspective, and point of view, they both are. Each is sharing their truth. Continue reading “So many truths”

Resonance vs. right and wrong

unmaskThe Angels – Happy New Year! Happy New Now! Happy year of emerging from behind the masks – some of which you’ve metaphorically worn for decades and, little by little, from behind the masks that currently cover your faces.

One soul at a time, you are coming to the realization that you live in a vibrational reality in which unmasking yourself means a lot more than simply removing a piece of cloth from your face.

You unmask yourself by sharing the truth of yourself with the world. You can unmask your sadness and loneliness by being honest about it and reaching out for help. You can unmask your joy by inspiring and sharing it with others. You can unmask your fears and upsets by expressing pent up rage, or you can unmask your deeper Self by expressing love in even the smallest of ways. Continue reading “Resonance vs. right and wrong”