The Obama-GCHQ Plan to Destroy Trump [Video]

Since publishing this article I’ve been informed that the letter supporting the video might be fake. – Gillian Grannum

GSHQ Doc: Top Secret or Top Scam forensic analysis of the Hannigan Memo


Alexandra BruceMark Anthony Taylor joins Sean from the SGT Report for an eye-opening report that may be the most important in the history of Sean’s channel. We learn the relationships between the ongoing coup against Trump, international intelligence agencies, Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail ring, the Clinton Foundation, how all of the major bank CEOs are controlled and how this affects what projects do and don’t get financed and basically, how the whole world is controlled. It is head-spinning and amazing to see it all more clearly than ever.

The Coup

Taylor has long been litigating against JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank and others for manipulating the bullion markets. In the process, he’s made some unexpected discoveries, including a secret document that he received from the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), which is the UK’s equivalent of the NSA. Continue reading “The Obama-GCHQ Plan to Destroy Trump [Video]”