Monthly Astro-Forecasts May 2021

uncertaintySarah-Jane Grace – There can be no denying that the world we live in contains much confusion, contradiction and paradox. On one level, there is a sense of shift and a lifting of energy. However, on another level there is still a sense of angst and turmoil which is pulling many of us in different directions at the same time. Perhaps there is one thing we can say with certainty, and that’s the fact that we continue to live with uncertainty.

Of course, this isn’t something new as we all live with uncertainty each and every day, but there is a need now for each of us to turn towards this uncertainty and be more willing to embrace the moment with tenderness, compassion and truth. Continue reading “Monthly Astro-Forecasts May 2021”

Navigating the Unknown

navigating the unknownSelacia – As young children we were very curious about sights and sounds, and interested in exploring the world around us. Before our conditioning kicked in, we had no sense of danger or consequences. Fast forward to now with all of its unknowns and crises – which our adult conditioned self can find daunting and overwhelming.

We’ve come to a juncture in 2020 when few of our norms apply, and when we are stretched on a spiritual level to adapt and create in entirely new ways. We can and must do this, yet our ego-self rebels and wants to return to the status quo. Continue reading for a higher view of our circumstance and how we can be inspired by our predicament. Continue reading “Navigating the Unknown”

The Gifts of Crisis

crisisSelacia – September will start on a high-energy note with a Pisces Full Moon, setting up a month of elevated-intensity happenstance and many new things coming to light. Seat-belts are suggested, not only for witnessing the craziness of the world but for personally navigating the highs and lows. Continue reading for a big picture of what’s ahead and suggested advance preparations.


As we know, planetary energies in 2020 tend to be amplified and some of the conjunctions are game changers of historical proportions – the likes of which haven’t been seen on Earth for hundreds of years. These line-ups point to a mega shift in awakening and a combination of tearing down unworkable systems and building new infrastructures from the ground up. This is beyond messy, and the sheer magnitude of so much transforming so fast can be unnerving. Continue reading “The Gifts of Crisis”