UK Passes Online “Thought Crime” Laws Where Clicking “Bad” Links Means 15 Years in Jail

terrorismSean Adl-Tabatabai – The UK government has passed new laws where citizens can be jailed for accidentally clicking on “extremist” links online.

The new counterterror laws have been likened to “thought crime” by a United Nations inspector.

Yahoo News reports: A raft of new measures mean people can be jailed for viewing terrorist propaganda online, entering “designated areas” abroad and making “reckless expressions” of support for proscribed groups.

The government also lengthened prisons sentences for several terror offenses, ended automatic early release for convicts and put them under stricter monitoring after they are freed. Continue reading “UK Passes Online “Thought Crime” Laws Where Clicking “Bad” Links Means 15 Years in Jail”

Zero Hassles For Instant Loans in the UK

online lendersThere are moments when we could do without going through the hectic procedures of getting a loan that is the norm for mainstream lenders and financial institutions. This is primarily when all one requires is an amount to take care of personal needs which can always be repaid within the shortest period. Since financial matters are never to be taken lightly, it defies logic having to rely on family, friends or colleagues for a soft loan when there is access to better and simplified options. It is also for most people a tough call borrowing from those around them as it places them in an awkward situation they would rather avoid.

As heading to the bank for a quick loan is not a feasible option, given all the minimum qualification and lengthy procedures, the internet comes to the rescue. The ready availability of cash converters loans takes away all unnecessary worries on finding ready to go financial solutions when needed the most. Similar to making an order in an e-commerce store, the entire procedure of getting a loan online is convenience at its best. One does not have to prepare endless documents or spend hours on end evaluating & re-evaluating their current financial conditions as all it takes is a few clicks of the button. Continue reading “Zero Hassles For Instant Loans in the UK”

Reasons You Should Avoid Fluoridated Water

iodineDr. Edward F. Group – Fluoride was originally added to water supplies back around the time of the end of World War II, but this well-intended practice to improve dental health is still around today, and more and more people are recognizing the possible dangers. Certainly, a lot of people out there will tell you there’s no problem with fluoridated water, but these people are simply repeating outdated studies that are not backed by current evidence.

Why You Need to Avoid Fluoridated Water

Drinking fluoridated water may seem like a good idea, but it’s actually anything but. Not only can consuming fluoride harm the brain, it also has severe impacts on hormonal health. Here are 5 reasons to avoid it like the plague.

1. Fluoridated Water Can Damage the Thyroid

A recent study reported water fluoridation in England is linked to a 30 percent increase in the rate of underactive thyroid; still, other reports suggest 2 to 5 mg of fluoride over months can actually reduce thyroid function. [1] [2] Close to 70 percent of the U.S. water supply is fluoridated. But should we really be putting an endocrine disruptor like fluoride into the water we drink? Continue reading “Reasons You Should Avoid Fluoridated Water”

World stunned as BREXIT achieves HUGE WIN

glutenMike Adams – This might just be the most shocking news of the decade (so far), and I only cover it here on Natural News because it has paradigm-shattering implications for economies, nations and the very future of human civilization. According to published media results so far, the BREXIT vote appears to have won a referendum victory that all of us at Natural News had hoped for (but we also thought would be rigged from the start to defeat BREXIT).

If this “leave” victory holds, it would indicate the greatest voter revolt against the global elitists the western world has ever seen. (It also gives me huge respect for UK citizens who are finally waking up and raging against the machine…) Click here to see current BREXIT results at the BBC.

A BREXIT victory would also mean that voter outrage somehow managed to overthrow the most deliberate ballot rigging fraud the UK has ever witnessed. EU elitists were so determined to do anything in their power to prevent BREXIT from winning that they arranged for the murder of a member of Parliament (Jo Cox) just to manipulate public opinion.

It almost worked, too. Support for BREXIT plummeted after the Cox murder, which was of course followed by a deliberate, nationwide media hoax which blamed the murder on pro-BREXIT forces. (It’s the same way the U.S. media blamed the Orlando terrorism event on conservatives… it’s all a farce.)

Continue reading “World stunned as BREXIT achieves HUGE WIN”