Hang on! It’s going to get crazy

lawJames Gilliland  – Ever wonder if you are the only sane person left? Wonder that you just may be from another planet?

How did some of the politicians get elected and how can they make it any more evident they do not govern themselves and are not qualified to govern others?  How do we elect people who are incapable of rational thought, some of whom cannot even form an understandable sentence based on facts? How many are serving the people versus serving their own or corporate agendas?

Have you looked into their eyes? There is something seriously wrong with these people. Some look like they should have a knife in a shower scene or be running through a forest with a chain saw and mask. Some reek of overindulgence, corruption, obvious special interest puppets. They could star as Jabba the Hut.

This includes the lame stream media most of whom do not investigate or use base logic. They just parrot what they are told – agents of a corrupt deep state.

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Universal Law The Last Word

GillilandJames Gilliland – So many people are asking what is going on, will there ever be justice. The answer is yes. There is a saying Nature is slow to react but thorough.

People are awakening, the fake news and mind control programs are failing. The division games with cultures and religions are no longer viable. The crooked politicians, wayward agencies power abuses, deep state as well as the puppet masters, the global elite are imploding.

It is a byproduct of compression by the higher dimensional beings, their consciousness and Universal Law. Think of the Earth herself expanding ascending, then add the higher consciousness and energies pressing in. Add what the scientists are finally revealing about the solar system going through a highly energized place in the universe, the cosmic, ultraviolet, infrared rays, the Schumann resonance are off the scales.

The dark realms are being squeezed, forced into the light and they are lashing out, influencing and possessing people trying to create as much havoc as possible. Continue reading “Universal Law The Last Word”

Understanding Bashar’s 5 Universal Laws

universal law
Darryl Anka (Bashar)

Andrea Schulman – If you’ve been following my blog or page for awhile you may already be aware that I am a big fan of Bashar. Bashar is an entity channeled by a man named Darryl Anka. Regardless of whether or not you believe in channeling or “entities” like this, Bashar has lots of useful insight on the nature of reality!

One of my favorite nuggets I have learned from Bashar are what he calls “The 5 Universal Laws.” So, today, I’d like to pass this nugget along to you.

The 5 Universal Laws are the fundamental laws that create and build our reality. Understanding these laws can provide a great deal of use and comfort during your work as a conscious creator. I hope you enjoy learning about them as much as I have! Continue reading “Understanding Bashar’s 5 Universal Laws”

An Extremely Inconvenient Truth Continues

universal lawJames Gilliland – As expected we knew we would get quite the feedback from the last newsletter especially from Hillary fans. If you are still a Hillary fan you have my sympathy that’s all I can muster

A slip of the tongue now and then is not comparable to Satanic Worship, Spirit Cooking, Baby Sacrificing, hanging out with pedophiles and defending sexual predators, extreme bribery, real Russian and terrorist collusion – and let’s not forget Seth Rich and a long list of murders of people who oppose or expose the Clintons.

We can’t even engage or argue that position of defending Hillary anymore, you can’t debate psychopaths, the extremely ignorant or insane. The evidence and facts are in for those who do serious research and it is all spelled out in the over 11,000 indictments.

The democrats continue to make complete fools out of themselves with their positions on all most every topic which change moment to moment. The truth is they don’t have a position or an argument. All they have is Trump Derangement Syndrome. My god, I would never run for any public office with people hanging on every word. Continue reading “An Extremely Inconvenient Truth Continues”

What’s Happening Now

universal lawJames Gilliland – At the risk of sounding politically and spiritually incorrect – which is nothing more than a suppressive mind control program – we are going to try to make sense out of what is unfolding.

We know the Criminal or CIA news network, CNN is the mouthpiece for the Deep State. The Deep State is just an extension of the New World Order, the Bankster Elite.

It is written in the NASA papers CNN would be the ones used to manipulate the minds of the people. The goal is to move their agenda forward which in short is

  • one world government,
  • mass population control,
  • an end to any human rights,
  • war and disease profiteers continuing to get fat off the pain, suffering and death of the ignorant masses,
  • keeping the majority in abject poverty.

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