Time Reversals And Parallel Universes…In Antarctica

time reversalJoseph P Farrell – Now before you think I’ve gone running off the end of the twig on this one by  titling a blog “Time Reversals and Parallel Universes…in Antarctica” and filing it under “geoengineering,” bear with me a bit. I’ve not only run off the end of the twig, I’m probably falling like Wile E. Coyote into a very deep canyon, with an Acme steel vault following me.

(For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, see “Road Runner” on Youtube. Any one will do.) Indeed, I had to blog about this one, not only because of my inherent interest in the high strangeness surrounding our southern most continent, and not only because of my inherent interest in things like time reversals and parallel universes, but also because of the fact that I received versions of this story from no less than E.E., C.M., P.T., B., D.D., K.M., and J.K.: Continue reading “Time Reversals And Parallel Universes…In Antarctica”

Is The Universe A Living Organism? [Video]

universeArjun Walia – Since the time of Plato, the human understanding of the universe has moved through two epoch-defining paradigms. These are the view of the universe as a great mind, moving into the view of the universe as a great machine. Today there are signs that the modern mind is moving  towards an organismic view of the universe, apprehended as an evolving, self-generating, and ultimately living process.” (Video below)

Today, our understanding of quantum mechanics is furthering our knowledge about how consciousness interacts with physical material reality, and perhaps how we as individuals as well as a collective are constantly interacting with the universe. Continue reading “Is The Universe A Living Organism? [Video]”

You Are The Center Of Your Universe

universeVeronica – You are the center of your universe.  The magic that creates reality is inside you.  We have all seen the wonders of who you really are and we are amazed.

For many lives you have suppressed your abilities due to conflict, stress, and a lack of remembrance.  Looking in the mirror you only see a tiny aspect, a mere sliver of all that encompasses your true whole self.  The dramas about the self are reflections of what’s going on in the inner self.

We realize that all the perceptions of your surroundings feel like outside influence.  The actuality is that it all comes directly from you. Continue reading “You Are The Center Of Your Universe”

Millions of Black Holes Discovered In The Milky Way Galaxy!

energySean McCleary – The article titled “Black Hole Shock” is about the recent discovery of millions of black holes in the Milky Way galaxy. Scientists observed these and proposed that these black holes are slowly draining the Milky Way galaxy of matter and energy. This is actually not the case even though it seems as this is what could be happening.

The black holes in the Milky Way galaxy have to do with evolutionary development and I will explain. I do work in evolutionary cosmology and the evolution of consciousness; and my work is different than most traditional approaches but I have some very important and plausible explanations to certain activity that is occurring in the universe.

Even 5-10 years ago there wasn’t an eruption of scientific information being generated in the media. Recently there have been the discovery of thousands of exoplanets; observations of black hole activity, a surge of the transfer of cosmic rays being transferred into Earth and what seemed to be a rogue black hole transferring through the Milky Way galaxy.

Continue reading “Millions of Black Holes Discovered In The Milky Way Galaxy!”

Holographic Nature Of Reality

universeHara Katsiki – I dreamt the dream that the dreamers dream. The dream of who we are.

I was in a void. A pitch black dark room. So small that I was curled up like a baby in its mother’s womb. I stayed there for a while, dark and silent and suddenly, something happened. The walls around me started emanating light. Slowly but surely until the glow became so strong that all I could see was brilliant white light all around me.

From within this illumination, a transformation started taking place. The shape of the space around me started changing. It shifted into a polygonal form. The surface of the interior walls became multifaceted tiny mirrors.

All of them had different angles and were connected with golden borders. I was now enclosed within a sparkling mirror-like diamond. In every side of these mirrors, I could see a part of me reflected on their surface. It was so beautiful and hallucinatory, almost psychoactive. Continue reading “Holographic Nature Of Reality”