Radical Disruptive Change

UranusLorna Bevan – Prepare to be shocked and awed. As we are still reeling from the life and game changing epochal conjunctions of 2020’s Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter, wild card Awakener Uranus in Taurus joins the party. 2021’s Revolutionary Engine is driven by 3 squares between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus – in play now and at their most impactful in February/June/December.

This struggle between the Old/New and Awake/Asleep is playing out already as the old Capricornian conservative timelines are being rapidly overwritten by the progressive frequencies of Saturn/Jupiter in Aquarius. Continue reading “Radical Disruptive Change”

From Possibility to Probability

eclipseSarah Varcas – We enter 2021 at a critical point in human history after events of last year revealed what has lurked too long in the shadows, manipulating agendas to its own ends. The Saturn / Pluto conjunction of January 2020 cast light on those shadows, for all to see.

The smoke screen of Covid-19, both tool and camouflage, has beguiled many but not all. The new religion of Covid which tolerates no debate, no question, no doubt, has spread its reign of terror across the globe whilst those who struggle to preserve the most basic human rights and retain some semblance of a life worth living – an independent livelihood, the right to make personal health choices free of state and societal coercion, a nurturing social network of real-life human connection – they are vilified and silenced. Independent, nuanced thought is now a crime in a world where propaganda rules and facts are sacrificed on the altar of mob-rule and the tyranny of fear. Continue reading “From Possibility to Probability”

Uranus Transits Taurus: Golden Age Astral

golden ageSalvador Russo – The astrological herald of Earth’s long prophesied golden age is the Uranus transit of Taurus which begins today, on May 15th of 2018, to the great celebration of Heaven. As Uranus governs the dimensions of astrology that secretly shape our visible reality we will now experience a golden refashioning of Earth’s astral infrastructure so that we see the tangible foundations of our golden age being built all over the world in the great years to come.

This transit signals doom for the plague of poverty that has restrained mankind from reaching its higher and predestined glories. The infrastructure of the future will now manifest in the present while godly talents and genius shower the weary populations.

Special Honors

Before I tell this transit further I must give special honor to Sir William Herschel, the great astronomer who discovered the planet Uranus on March 13th of 1781 when the Pisces Sun and Mars in Sagittarius simultaneously aspected Uranus which was then transiting at 24° Gemini.

Continue reading “Uranus Transits Taurus: Golden Age Astral”