Pfizer & Moderna Fail To Respond About COVID Vaccine Safety Concerns

vaccinesArjun Walia – An article published in the British Medical Journal by Dr. Peter Doshi titled “Covid-19 Vaccines: In The Rush for Regulatory Approval, Do We Need More Data?” raises concerns regarding COVID-19 vaccine rollout, and one of them is the bio-distribution of the vaccine.  This refers to the examination and study of where the vaccine and its ingredients go once injected into the body.

Having sped up the approval process of these vaccines, it has been claimed that no compromises in the process of examining their safety were made. But the fact that no study for tracking the distribution of the vaccine within the human body was conducted for any of the authorized vaccines, we cannot say this is true. Continue reading “Pfizer & Moderna Fail To Respond About COVID Vaccine Safety Concerns”

Vaxxxidents, Dark Agenda, Chaos, Biden Admin Collapse – Clif High [Video]

highGreg Hunter – Internet data mining expert Clif High uses something he calls “Predictive Linguistics,” which sorts through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events.

High predicted Trump would win in 2016, and, on election night, High also predicted Hillary Clinton would go “missing,” and both happened.  Those are just a few of the big calls High has made over the years.  High no longer sells his work to the public, but still does Internet research.

High has new data on multiple subjects.  Let’s start with new data that paints a very “Dark Agenda” with the lab created CV19 virus and the experimental “vaccines” to treat it. We start with a new term he has come up with called “Vaxxxidents.”  According to High’s data, Vaxxxidents are a coming trend for people who have taken the CV19 vaccine. Continue reading “Vaxxxidents, Dark Agenda, Chaos, Biden Admin Collapse – Clif High [Video]”

BBC Silent After London’s Massive March For Freedom

governmentNiamh Harris – The BBC have (as usual) remained silent on an event that bought London to a standstill yesterday.

Protesters gathered in Parliament Square on Saturday for a Unite for Freedom rally with some claiming the pandemic is a hoax.

Some held placards which read ‘We do not consent’, ‘You have no power over us’, and ‘We’re not guinea pigs’. Continue reading “BBC Silent After London’s Massive March For Freedom”

Electronic Pills And “Trusting The Science”

planscamdemicJoseph P Farrell – There’s been a lot of talk ever since the planscamdemic broke out as a media narrative, that the quackcines may be about more than just innoculating people against covid, but about the covert implanting of devices designed to monitor people themselves, and even about “updating” said quackcines to keep people perpetually drugged.

Well, for the naysayers to such possibilities, consider the following story from M.I.T. that was shared by V.T.:

Ingestible capsule can be controlled wirelessly Electronic pill can relay diagnostic information or release drugs in response to smartphone commands.

The claims here are inclusive enough to give rise to all the possibilities that planscamdemic and quackcines skeptics have raised: Continue reading “Electronic Pills And “Trusting The Science””

Self-Spreading Insanity: The Age of Contagious Vaccines

vaccinesOlivier B. Simon – With COVID vaccination “rollouts” ongoing, it would seem the angelic host of Big Pharma has swooped in to avert the end of the world, triumphing in the nick of time over a super-lethal, super-contagious, super-pandemic…with a whopping 0.15% infection fatality rate.

But if, for whatever reason, you still aren’t sold on the whole COVID Vaccination Magical Mystery Tour, don’t worry.  You may get another chance at serum-based salvation quite soon — whether you want it or not.

This is because COVID-19 may mark not the end, but the dawn of an age in which mankind will be constantly and inescapably peppered with custom-engineered viruses of all kinds.   A great many of these will go by the name “vaccine.” Continue reading “Self-Spreading Insanity: The Age of Contagious Vaccines”