Lies, Deceptions and the Archon Way

ArchonsJames Gilliland – There has always been the slogan – Truth, Justice and the American way. Like a frog in a pot, slowly things have degenerated into the opposite.

Have you watched the lame stream news? Have you watched what is surfacing concerning the conduct of the agencies? The Justice Department has become the “Just Us” department. The Department of Defense was the department of offense doing the bidding as the brute squad of the Global Elite. Politicians represent foreign investors (America for sale) many of whom have dual citizenship.

The Environmental Protection agency ignores the pollution in the air, water, and on land. Ask them about glyphosate (Round Up).

Its effect? Main cause of autism.

Chemtrails  and fluoride in the water.

The FDA has allowed deadly and harmful drugs to go on the market. Inoculations with deadly side effects, (mercury, nagalese etc.) to be in inoculations destroying brain cells, nerve cells and your immune system. Continue reading “Lies, Deceptions and the Archon Way”

The Italian Media announce that the pope’s resignation is imminent

Pope FrancisLeo Zagami – The Vatican is allegedly preparing to elect a new Pope in the coming weeks, and Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, still alive and kicking, seem to be pulling the strings. On November 6, 2018, the Italian website Dagospia launched this alleged media bomb about Pope Bergoglio, reconfirming once again what I have personally written, and announced on Infowars for years. This pope will not end his mandate in Rome,  but he will resign and retire to Argentina very soon, to live his remaining years on earth in peace and isolation.

For some weeks now, it has been rumored in Roman elite circles close to the Illuminati academy, that Pope Francis is seriously considering leaving his pontificate. The recent discovery of the bones at the Vatican embassy in Rome has increased this possibility, as well as all the scandals that are piling up as we speak, almost daily. Continue reading “The Italian Media announce that the pope’s resignation is imminent”

Australia’s pedo cover-up is widening after another high ranking Catholic official is found guilty

sexual abuseLeo Zagami – While all eyes are on Cardinal George Pell, who in June of last year became the highest-ranking Vatican official to face criminal charges involving accusations of sexual offenses, yet another Archbishop was found guilty of covering up the sexual abuse scandal in Australia’s Catholic clergy.

67-year-old Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Edward Wilson, failed to report allegations of child sexual abuse inflicted on altar boys back in 1976 by a pedophile priest named Father Jim Fletcher, who died in jail in 2006.

The extensive cover-up of pedophilia exercised by the most senior members of the Catholic Church, not only in Australia, but all over the world, pushed the Catholic Bishops of Chile to resign last Friday. Let’s remember that a government inquiry  found that in Australia 7% of Catholic priests working in this country between 1950 and 2010 have been accused of Child sexual abuse. It’s outrageous how these resilient individuals are not resigning or even attempting an act of forgiveness  as the Chilean’s did. Continue reading “Australia’s pedo cover-up is widening after another high ranking Catholic official is found guilty”

All The Queen’s Agents And Corporations That Control The World

british crownAmerican Intelligence Media – We may not realize it, but we are still subjects of the British Monarchy. American history books and classes indoctrinated (propaganda) us into believing we had won the American Revolution. But we didn’t. We are still subjects of Queen Elizabeth.

The history books were written by the victors and their big publishing houses. And it was much easier to control the new colonies by letting them think they had won their independence, while the British Crown carefully laid their tentacles throughout America, tentacles that grew longer and stronger with every passing year.

We aren’t the America we think we are. That’s the big red pill. Most of us on planet Earth are still under the Queen’s rule. Continue reading “All The Queen’s Agents And Corporations That Control The World”

Male Escort Outs 36 Vatican Officials Who Purchased Children For Sex

Eight spoked wheel used by ritualistic religion and occultists

Sean Adl-Tabatabai – A gay male escort has blown the whistle on 34 Vatican officials who he says regularly purchased underage kids for sex.

According to an explosive 1,200-page dossier, the names of 34 Vatican priests and six seminarians who were involved in sex with minors in Italy has been sent to the Vatican by the archdiocese of Naples. reports: The allegations were compiled by Francesco Mangiacapra, a gay male escort who told local media he couldn’t put up with the priests’ “hypocrisy” any longer.

“The aim is not to hurt the people mentioned, but to help them understand that their double life, however seemingly convenient, is not useful to them or to all the people for whom they should be a guide and an example to follow,” Mangiacapra said, as reported by the Corriere della Sera.

Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, an Italian Cardinal and the current Archbishop of Naples, said in a statement that none of the priests who were named in the dossier were stationed in Naples. He claims he forwarded the document to the Vatican because “there remains the gravity of the cases for which those who have erred must pay the price, and be helped to repent for the harm done.” Continue reading “Male Escort Outs 36 Vatican Officials Who Purchased Children For Sex”