New Moon Update 11-26-19

New Moon is Tuesday, November 26 at 8:05am Mountain Standard Time (MST)

new moonLena Stevens – This moon supports expansion, freedom, practicality, a higher sense of intuition and beauty, and an increase in your inner awareness of what you want, what you can have and what you deserve.  This is the “proactive change” growing teeth and getting grounded in something substantial as you anchor a new vision or a new project.

This new moon also initiates a time frame of preparedness for what is coming in the future. It is not too early to get thinking about your goals and desires for the months to come. And, whatever you can get rid of that is no longer useful during this new moon time will make space for what you really want. Continue reading “New Moon Update 11-26-19”

Triple Earth New Moon

‘The Earth upon her celestial spindle winds her ecstasy-producing dance.’ – Kathleen Raine

Anima Mundi (World Soul)

VenusM. Kelley Hunter – This Virgo New Moon, accompanied by Mercury, Mars, Venus and Asteroid Juno, completes a grand triangle with planets now in all three earth signs. This is a season to appreciate in a very deep way, as Earth calls us to a deep delight as we dwell in the spirit of Anima Mundi, the living ‘world soul.’

“This world is indeed a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence…
a single visible living entity containing all other living entities,
which by their nature are all related.” —Plato

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A Full Moon of Powerful Connection & Evolutionary Creativity

VenusLeslie Benson – The Aquarius Full Moon of August, taking place in the early morning of August 15th for the west coast, later for the east coast and Europe, sheds light on the full spectrum of our heart’s connections and longings.

The Sun and Venus in close conjunction in the bright and bold sign of Leo offers illumination on our core values and how we are living in or out of accordance with them. In fact, there is a full on “personal planet party” happening in Leo for this Full Moon, as the Sun, Venus, Mars, and now Mercury are all there.

All of the personal planets but the Moon stacked in the same sign heighten our awareness of this area of the Zodiac, so that all of this Leo activity reminds us of both our amazing capacity in being seen and shining our inner light brightly, as well as our fears around that, and encourages an influx of creativity to find our way into a more fully expressed version of ourselves.

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A Quantum Leap of Faith

Astrology Forecast August 4th – 11th July, 2019

6 August – Sun trine Great Attractor
7 August – Sun trine Jupiter
8 August – Lions’ Gate / Venus trine Jupiter / Venus trine Great Attractor
11 August – Jupiter Direct 14° Sagittarius / Uranus RX / Sun conjunct Venus /  Mercury into Leo

jupiterLorna Bevan – This is a week to let the Light in, to open your High Heart and model the physical and spiritual warmth of the Leo Sun Sirian Lions’ Gate. The incoming 2020 time-lines are accelerating, making the Present and the Future so much more compelling than the Past – which is now deleting rapidly.

Together the Great Benefics Venus and Jupiter are soothing your tattered edges, old wounds and flooding your system with healing. It is a turning point when you begin to remember how it feels to be restored, regenerated and resurrected.

Mark August 11/12th in your calendar, when 4 days before the futurist Aquarius Full Moon, both Uranus and Jupiter – harbingers of the New – change direction at the same time: Jupiter turns Direct and Uranus stations Retrograde. This is a gift of a quantum leap of faith.  When two threshold planets change direction at once, it feels like a tidal surge when everything is in flux. So stay grounded, knowing that this is all happening in perfect timing. Continue reading “A Quantum Leap of Faith”