Living in Other People’s Energies

energySandy Brightman – Are your emotions and attitudes your own? What about your energy levels, mental focus or illnesses? Are you being bombarded by other people’s energies, even from the past?

We are all being influenced energetically on a daily basis from outside, unseen forces. These forces can be from natural earth energies, such as water lines, fault lines, geomagnetic lines or ley lines (collectively called ‘geopathic stress’), energy from other people, man-made frequencies such as EMFs, microwaves or radio waves and stored frequencies in the land, house or objects.

These subtle energies can be positive or negative; they can be new or very, very old. Age does not weaken them, however geopathic stress can be balanced, EMFs can be shielded and stored energies can be removed altogether. Continue reading “Living in Other People’s Energies”

The 3 Sacred Secrets To Manifesting Abundance

“Faith is a state of openness or trust. The attitude of faith is to let go, and become open to truth, whatever it might turn out to be.” ~Alan Watts

manifestingJafree Ozwald  – Manifesting abundance is an effortless experience. Divine goodies just seem to fall into your lap when you’re living in abundance consciousness. If you want to shift into this awesome vibration, the first thing you want to do is adopt an attitude of gratitude. Once you are into the appreciation mindset, opportunities will start opening up for you in every direction! The Universe physically rewards those who are choosing to have positive thoughts and good feelings that open the heart and make the soul sing. When you’re grateful for everything in your life, the heart is relaxed and the mind becomes quiet and peaceful. This is the first golden secret to opening up the channel to attract anything and everything you desire.

The second secret which will create real freedom in this life comes down to one basic thing. Your relationship with the God Source and how connected you feel with it. This relationship determines your level of confidence inside you. and how effortless it will be to manifest a constant flow of abundance in your direction. When you’re aligned with the highest Source of Love, your energy shifts instantly to being relaxed, trusting. loving and generous! You start receiving the deep guidance you’re seeking, which increases your ability to trust in that next action step that will generate the flow of prosperity your way. This sacred connection turns you into a natural magnet for receiving the physical desires you’re wanting to have.

The third secret to attracting physical success in this life is the habit of feeding the subconscious mind thoughts and feelings of success at the beginning of each day. By starting off your day reprogramming your subconscious with positive life affirming powerful statements, these messages bubble back up into your conscious mind throughout your day making your feel worthy of receiving the goodies you want, and giving you the inspiration to go out and create them. By taking 20 minutes each morning to reprogram your mind with positive affirmations, you’ll enlighten your attitude for the next 24 hours and this will help you manifest a new situation in your world. Its truly that easy to start feeling what its like to have nothing to worry about in your life ever again! Continue reading “The 3 Sacred Secrets To Manifesting Abundance”

Thoughts That Manipulate Matter

BrainInnerTalkFor as long as I can remember, I have innately known that thoughts can have the power of manifesting in matter. When I was only five or six I used my mind to guide me to lost items like some sort of compass. I would close my eyes and follow the unspoken voice within as it guided my footsteps. At about the age of 11 or 12, I well remember thinking that I needed glasses but since my father unsympathetically referred to men who wore glasses as 4 eyes and I feared disappointing him. I just imagined passing the school eye test over and over again. My eyes didn’t improve, but when it came my turn to take the eye test the doctor looked at me and said, “You can see the 20-20 line can’t you?” I answered, “Sure.” That was the test, so it was a few more years before I would put glasses on.

When I was fourteen or so, I imagined becoming 6 foot tall. That was taller than anyone in my family. I would go to sleep at night imaging myself as 6 foot tall and I did this repeatedly over the summer of the year between 8th and 9th grade. When I returned to school I was 6 foot tall, and at that time 6 feet was tall! I towered over almost everyone in my school. (Today we think of this sort of thing as possible through epigenetics, the influence of our minds on genes). It was at about this time that I began imagining myself as a successful author and again I would fall to sleep at night visualizing myself signing books, lecturing and the like. Today I have more than 400 titles published in print, and audio or video media, and many of these titles have been translated into more than a dozen languages.

Now all of this visualization that I have just discussed, together with much more, took place over fifty years ago, long before the Secret or the law of attraction were published. How I knew this about the power of thought is not what this piece is about. No—what I really want to address today is how well documented the idea that ‘thoughts are things’ has become in scientific circles.

Mind Over Matter Continue reading “Thoughts That Manipulate Matter”