The $21 Trillion Black Budget Money Vortex [Video]

trillionsDark Journalist welcomes back Former HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts who has spent two decades tracking missing money from government agencies, including HUD and the Department of Defense.

She shares her conclusions as to where the money has gone, which includes underground bases and a secret space economy.

Topics Covered in this Interview

  • Missing Trillions
  • Farm Bankruptcy
  • Secret Space Economy
  • Underground Bases
  • Holistic Doctor Deaths
  • UFO Secrecy
  • Black Budget
  • Currency History

SF Source DarkJournalist Dec 2019

2 thoughts on “The $21 Trillion Black Budget Money Vortex [Video]

  1. Re: food stamps, in NM and CA that I’m aware of, local farmers markets take EBT card dollars, and in NM there is even a ‘double bucks’ program where recipients can receive $2 food value in quality organic and non GMO food for $1. This program is also vital to the local farmers.
    The key to food sustainability is to support local farmers on all possible levels, so we can get our (seasonal) food from trusted local sources.

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