The Agenda – Kill the Middle Class

middle classBrooks Agnew – The Made-4-TV virus has dominated all of our lives in recent months. Although tens of millions of Americans contracted the disease, less than 25 thousand people without comorbidities died of it.  The Trump Economy was roaring and showed signs of ushering in an age of prosperity that the Middle Class had not seen in 100 years.

This was their chance to buy a house, start a business, pay off debts, and secure the American dream, no matter what country they lived in.  The Global Syndicate has one enemy, throughout time.  That is us.  Within days of the most sweeping trade agreements with China ever were signed, the M4TVV was unleashed on the world.

Someone made a phone call.  Within hours, 187 countries began locking down healthy citizens and shutting down their economies.  It was like a Great Depression was ordered up and delivered whether people wanted it or not.  No one could resist.

Anyone who spoke out against it was smashed, instantly.  Bank accounts cancelled.  Ad campaigns ended.  Social media banishment.  You simply went from prosperous to poverty within hours.  To this day, no one knows who made that call.

Although the Made-4-TV virus is a fabricated plandemic, it is a challenge for us.  We must maintain a holistic view of world events. Just as there are allegedly epidemiological factors to consider in this crisis, the design is also economic, social, cultural, and political.

It is precisely these other factors that are so often forgotten in the panicky reporting, in the constant, manic, meaningless, and inflated tracking of the current infection numbers is coupled with slick marketing and copywriting to subconsciously equate infection with death.  Never forget that the main function of this campaign is to crush the middle class.  Although the M4TVV is supposed to make the fear apocalyptic, is has one focus.

Monetary policy is also a primary tool, alongside fiscal policy, used by governments to influence economic activity. When a crisis hits, an economy is stimulated either by the state budget – which arises from the taxpayers – or silently through monetary expansion. By either lowering interest rates, issuing government-backed securities, or even purchasing corporate bonds the central banks increase the money supply in the economy. Ever since the beginning of the crisis, the U.S. Federal Reserve has done all of the above.  Why do you think that is?

Normally, we use the price of gold or silver to judge whether government has gone too far in printing money.  But the banks have sold hundreds of thousands of short contracts on those metals in their vault, specifically to keep the prices artificially low.  The canary in the mine has an inside source of oxygen.  You’re dying, and you don’t even know it, because you’re listening to the song of a happy golden bird.

I am going to reveal to you that there is a lens you can use to watch what the Global Syndicate is doing to you.  It and economist’s tool called M1. It consists of the most highly liquid assets. Like gold and silver, these are the most easily exchangeable assets used as payment for goods and services. You can buy stuff with gold and silver.  Consider it a black market currency.  As Trading Economics data shows, that behind the backs of the Middle Class, the Fed has created 39% of all the “dollars” in the economy in 2020.

To put it on its head, in 2020 the Fed has created more money than in almost a hundred years of its existence.  You think holding onto cash is smart?  Well, it used to be.  Now, it’s very risky.  Trust me when I say this, the Syndicate is moving money into liquid assets.  Lots of it.  All of it.  Monetary policy is being used to set up the Middle Class, just like it was in 1928.

Equity markets have relentlessly rallied over the past 12 months, pushing valuations to extreme levels based on traditional metrics. In this report, we analyze the two common arguments by equity bulls why this time is different and current valuations are justified. We find that markets are either currently mispricing gold or equities, as either of these arguments would imply that gold should outperform stocks.

 Nominal GDP would have to increase by whopping 86% to bring the total market cap to GDP ratio back to 100% ($40tn), or by 63% to bring it to 120% ($35tn). Let us also assume that the US economy grows by 2% in real terms over the long run once it has returned to pre-covid levels. Over a period of 5 years, that would bring the nominal GDP to just $23.6tn. The Global Syndicate is relying on inflation to fill that gap. Thus, inflation would have to be averaging at 10% to bring equity prices in line with GDP in 5 years. And that would require equity prices to stay flat for the next 5 years. That is why gold prices have not gone up.  They have to hold the liquid asset prices down, so they can move tomorrow’s money at the low-interest rates of today.

As good as it might seem at first glance, creating money “out of thin air” doesn’t bring prosperity.  Simply sending $1,400 checks out to “working class people,” is having exactly the effect they want.  It suppresses worker attendance by up to 15%.  Do you know why you cannot buy a new refrigerator at Lowes?  Because they cannot even order any until April 23rd. 

The factories cannot make them to meet even modest demand, because there are not enough people in the factory to make the product.  Get it?  The Global Syndicate is competing for the same worker, by sending him money to stay home, playing video games.  Don’t believe me?  Check Zenga’s stock price lately?  They are a publicly traded company that owns hundreds of online video games like Candy Crush.  Seen TV commercials for it, lately?  Selling mind-numbing online video games to you via TV?  Seriously?  Yeah.  Dead serious.

In the meantime…

It is true, inflation is like water behind the dam, right now.  It hasn’t start banging on our doors. But looking no further than the asset prices, we can clearly see that the low inflation rate is masked by the asset price inflation. Don’t just look at gas prices.  Look at dried mushrooms, bread, soup, ice cream and other foods.  They have seen a 50% increase in prices, where you don’t often notice it.  Take out your grocery bill from just a year ago, when the Trump economy was still strong.  Notice the items you normally buy.  Look at the prices.  That’s where inflation shows up.

Even with the evacuation of the GDP for nearly 6 months last year and an unemployment rate that stands more than double the rate before the crisis started, the S&P 500 is more than 10% higher than on the day the pandemic rolled around. This also shows who profits from the economic response to the Made-4-TV crisis.  Look around.  You know who it is.  It is the people with assets, i.e. those already wealthy anyway.

The middle and lower classes, meanwhile, get wiped out because they only know to keep cash in the bank for a rainy day.  The typical working poor cannot produce $500 in cash on a moment’s notice right now. The typical investor class American cannot write a check for $2 million cash, either.  Why?  Because all their wealth is in liquid assets, besides stock and bonds.  Jewels, gold, silver, platinum, and even real estate; although that is not considered a liquid asset.  The M4TVV has closed the businesses where the Middle Class spend their money.  The children of the middle class and working poor are not in school, because the teachers are in Puerto Rico on the beach spending taxpayer dollars.  The Syndicate’s children never missed a day.  Their schools never closed.

Thus, the exact same Global Syndicate  institutions who say publicly they are fighting for equity between the classes, continue to increase economic inequality thrusting the Made-4-TV virus right in our faces when we resist.

There are 150 million Americans who are ready to stop this.  They are standing by, listening to me tonight.  They may have never done anything before, except perhaps vote.  But we all saw how fruitless that effort was.  They saw a man with barely 18 million votes walk away from the table with the presidency.  They see a woman, who never got a single vote, never raised a single dollar, never won a single debate, and never won an election against a real opponent standing by with her sinister smile and chilling laugh, to step up the seal and order us to kneel.  No one voted for her.  No one trusts her.  No one wants her, and yet there she is.  You know it.  I know it.

I am shouting once again, down the halls of the empty schools and the empty malls, to bring out the leadership.  Where are you?  The world sees the most lethal military of all time, kneeling in shame.  The world sees the most armed and free people in the world, willingly strapping their faces into solitary confinement to avoid embarrassment at the grocery.

I resigned my membership at Planet Fitness 3 days ago.  I worked out there for 10 years.  Two young staffers assaulted me, demanding that I strap on a mask, even though we have been working out there since last Fall without one.  I have a medical exemption in the computer system.  He said I could either strap on a mask, or cancel my membership.  I told him he left me no choice.  I signed the cancellation.  The truth is, he pulled it up so fast I the computer system that it looked like he had been doing it all day.  I wrote to Planet Fitness and told them what happened.  They said, “We are sorry for your inconvenience.”

I looked around before I walked out of the gym that day.  Those eyes.  All those eyes on the bikes and elliptical machines looking back at me in sadness.  A broken people in the prison of submission to the State.  I wish I could have led them all out that day.   Okay, so now I work out at home, instead of the gym.  That is a minor sacrifice.  I stood my ground, and I will go back when the next company buys out Planet Fitness when they broke.  I will not kneel.  I am a free American, and I choose liberty.  I choose truth.  Now, where is the leader who will command us?  It will take someone with a voice and a love for America.  Where are you?

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