The Balancing Point

timeSteve Rother – Greetings, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

I join you this day because your time frames are starting to move incredibly fast. It’s a very interesting process for us to watch, because now things are rapidly bubbling to the surface. It’s a wonderful time because you are in the era of mastery.

These are the times where you can take anything and master it very quickly. It might help to define what mastery truly is from our perspective. Quite simply, it means what you have mastered no longer causes a problem for you because your flow through life is not restricted. During these times it is actually the flow you can master, rather than every aspect of things that enter your life. And that will also lead to the mastery of life, which is why you came to Earth.

The mastery is starting to take place on different levels and many amazing things are starting to move simultaneously. Although it is still quite separated on planet Earth, that is starting to change ever so slightly. How can you help? Probably the most important part is to realize that there were no sides to begin with. Yes, people are looking at this over here and others are looking from a different perspective. However, if you pull back far enough, you can see that everyone has the same base motivation.

Perhaps everyone wants to accomplish it in different ways, in reality you all have the same needs and desires. And it’s worth recognizing, because that alone will resolve a lot of the differences and challenges that are now bubbling up to the surface. Yes, much is changing very rapidly and you’ll see more of it soon. Take it for what it is… an opportunity for mastery.

With recent changes and the introduction of the virus, many have been thrown into survival mode. Re-member, sometimes it is necessary to walk through the mud puddle to get to the other side. Do not fear that or concern yourself with where you are in any given moment. Instead look at the larger picture of the direction in which you are traveling. All humans are now living in a very thin and continually narrowing sheet of reality, which is changing every moment. It’s almost as if you are looking at the world through a picture window, which has started to frost over or become distorted. And you’re also starting to see that it’s all simply a game. And that can be very scary for many, because you take life so seriously. Both physical and emotional pain can be especially challenging.

Grandmasters of Adaptation

We also tell you that humans are grandmasters of adaptation. And if you don’t think so, all you need to do is go back six years. Look back at what you were doing in your life then, what you believed, and the thought process you were working with at that time. See how much you’ve changed in just that short period of time. Then if you go back six years prior to that, you’ll also see change but not nearly the same kind of upside-down change you’ve experienced recently.

From a larger perspective, this energy is opening opportunities for mastery. These may be opportunities to master a relationship, or master a problem that you continually bring into your life again and again.

The thin sheet of reality on which you play this game is narrowing and changing. Soon you will start to see more of the other side of the veil. Although it can be confusing, it is a clear step forward. Spirits are stepping into a higher vibrational status, but this doesn’t happen in a moment and it isn’t yet visible to most. Rather it is a slow gradual movement in motion. And yes, sometimes you take steps back.

You’re human, after all. But you’re also making rapid advancements that are much larger than you may see. In reality, each and every one of you are leaving a trail of light behind you, that others can follow to find their way in the darkness of the game.

Balancing Extruded Consciousness

Even if you make mistakes on your path and fall out of balance, it can still be mastered. All things can be mastered. Every imbalance creates opportunities to achieve a deeper balance. From a larger perspective, societal imbalances precede massive change and ultimately achieve a new, deeper balance. The larger intent of the game is to bring back together that which has been separated, in order to play this game.

All have started from this one source, and consciousness has extruded in many different directions. It could even be said that you are the extruded consciousness of source. Although you think you’re the opposite of this one over here, in fact you all came from the same source that we call Home.

As you encounter people who see things from a different side of the fence, know that they’re also serving a purpose.  The collective of humanity has an opportunity to re-look at everything during these times mastery, then choose carefully what you will bring into the next level. That’s why there are so many things taking place right now. You’re approaching a balancing point. This has been happened over and over throughout history.

Societal Balancing Point

There are times when all games reach incredible balancing points. Earth is no exception and is reaching that balancing point now. It is at this stage where things start to teeter, going this way or that way. Most of the time it leads to evolution and a better balance.

As societies change or fall apart, sometimes it goes in different directions entirely. Right now the balancing point on Earth is related to your separation. As well as to your ability to be separated, which is largely the effect of living in a house of mirrors.

The pendulum that has been in motion is now at a balancing point. Will it swing back the other way, still being out of balance? Will it continue its divisive swing in the direction it is aimed, or will it find a new balance point? Those are the questions that humanity is deciding right now, and it’s going to be about the connection.

If the collective is unable to connect or if you’re unable to see each other without demonizing one another, it will determine the next movements of the pendulum. The interesting part is you’ll be able to step forward into this higher vibration together. There’s no penalty for people who don’t think the same way you do. Humans are wired for empathy and now is a time to build on that. The truth is that you can still express love, for that is the light in the darkness.

What Happens When We Die?

The virus, still active on Earth, feeds on division. You can find ways of creating a Home connection, or what many know of as the concept of Heaven on Earth. This is a simple place where you’re all connected. You may have images of Heaven and what happens to a spirit when it leaves a physical body. We tell you it’s very difficult for us to try and describe Home.

You’re all part of each other. When you leave this physical body, you become part of everything again. That’s what happens to you and it is more amazing than you can possibly understand. You have no idea how narrow your gameboard of reality is. The players on the gameboard are all strands of extruded consciousness, evolving out in so many different ways. When that energy returns Home, it integrates and evolves everything that it integrates with. It even integrates into people they had relationships with on Earth.

Even though they were left behind when a loved one dies, those left behind actually have the chance to integrate a part of the living energy of the departed into their physical body and walk with it henceforth. This is not just a memory or an intent, it is a partial integration of a living spirit. It is always a choice that is made during the process humans call grieving.

We see grieving as an integration process, when the human learns to walk with a new balance created by the integration of the departed. There is a wave of grief on Earth at this time. Anger is a natural stage of grief, so be on guard and understand where some of it is coming from.

You all started at the same place and you all have a Home to return to, as you step out of those bodies. In the meantime, we ask you with all intent to treat each other with respect, no matter who you are, no matter what side you think you’re on. Nurture one another and open those doors whenever possible, in such a way that you make it easy for people to step in. Know that you’re playing a new game.

I am the Keeper of Time


SF Source Beacons of Light Feb 2021

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