The Biden-Bot

Biden botBrooks Agnew – Have you ever been to a trade show and watched a spokes model?  I introduced some new technology called Boxcor at the 1997 CMM Show in Chicago.  It was revolutionary.  But it was a big hit not because I was up there in front of everyone answering questions.

It was the spokesmodel.  She was gorgeous, and she was wired through a small earpiece to a recording, that she repeated.  She had control over the speech speed with a small button that ran up inside her suit to her ears.  She told all about it with amazing detail, like she invented it.  But she didn’t.  I did.

I am convinced that Biden has an earpiece.  Now, it is not one that Trump could see, but it is one that a trained observer could detect.

Ever wonder why Biden wears a mask, outside, far away from people when he speaks or answers controlled questions from members of the press?  It is to cover the look of terror on his brainless face when he takes the stage.  There are a few feet of video that shows him without the mask, before and after the calming voice begins to speak to him through a tiny, bone implant that puts the sounds clearly and quietly in his head.

I suspect it.  And, if I do, then it means that now that I have said it, trump’s team knows.  It’s wireless by radio to connect the Biden bot to the voice answering the questions for him.  It can be jammed.  It can also be hijacked with new words being fed to Biden’s otherwise lifeless jaws.  You want to see the look of Biden’s face when the voice goes silent?  How about when the wrong words come out of the voice and thus out of his mouth.

Me too.  Sit close, so you can enjoy it.

SF Source Brooks Agnew Sep 2020

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