The Big Picture

lifeVeronica – There are many we have spoken to that have related unsatisfactory lives in the current linear. Most regard themselves as victims totally at the mercy of the universe.

While we have spoken before of victim hood, it’s important to understand that while you create your reality, there can be a spiral effect from compounded inappropriate choice making. This often renders a feeling of great hopelessness within the individual, thus feeding the descent.

An embracement of reality creation can be complicated especially if the individual cannot accurately discern between appropriate and inappropriate choice making.

It is especially difficult for those who have belief systems that this current linear life is their only shot.

This belief that there is only one life pattern to resolve the issues and learn all the lessons is an unfortunate one. For there are not enough opportunities within a single linear to have a well rounded perspective.

We have heard many grim views of life from various individuals who cling to the theory that life is a curse rather than a blessing. There is an ebb and flow in experience that occurs within any relationship. However if you are viewing just one section or part, there can be mistaken assumptions.

Your current linear life is but a small piece of a very large tapestry. Compare it to an intricate puzzle set up by your eternal self.

Each experience or life when interlocked in the correct pattern reveals the whole picture. A part of you can visualize the whole picture, but when you are able to place the puzzle piece of this life in its proper position, the whole eternal picture takes shape before your eyes.

This perspective allows the individual to lessen the impact of what they feel as total failure within this linear. By realizing it is but a small piece offers opportunity to realize that there is indeed hope of redemption in the large picture.

Heaven and Hell are not places as you have been led to believe. They are states of mind that result from the judgement of the self. The feelings attached to these judgments are the heaven and hell states that are often spoken of. A change of attitude can result in the change of perspective needed to move out of them. It’s all in the mind.

We realized the ingrained patterns that have repeated causing a clinging to the singular life. We offer only consideration of the idea. It is up to the individual to embrace.

A dismal life is indeed self created. If you are having difficulties we ask only to review your life to recognize how inaccurate it is to believe it’s all you have.

The feeling of despair comes from the self made pressure. Although time is irrelevant in the big picture, it does play on your psyche when you feel you are running out of time.

Consider if you will the idea we have presented. Altering your belief system could have considerable impact upon a dismal life outlook. You can begin immediately to change your choice making to resolve and illuminate patterns and issues. The energy of the puzzle piece can be transformed. It’s not just this current life that is at stake. It’s the whole picture that can and will be affected.

We can hear your reply. It fills us with tenderness as you attempt to grasp what is said. We realize the difficulty of being so focused in your current linear. There seems to be no way out and the probable future life has no validity in your understanding. We understand the heaven you are all suffering towards exists only in the creative powers of your mind. There will be a passing from linear to linear, which for some of you will appear as a heaven, but ultimately it will transcend to the continuation of the physical until all is resolved.

It is a cycle created by your energy that continues without your direct focus. For being a part of the energy your current sell made these plans as well. It’s only the physical that keeps you from fully embracing it in this moment.

All we desire is the consideration of something else. By changing your focus, perhaps this dismal life you feel can change to colorful and bright.

It’s up to you.

April Crawford © 2020

SF Source Inner Whispers Jan 2020

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