The Bronx: Why is Employment Screening Important?

Employment ScreeningEmployment screening encompasses all the procedures that are involved in deciding on the suitability of an individual for a position of employment. The processes required may depend on the type of job but there are ones that are essential not to skip.

Bronx drug testing is a part of employment screening in this region and one of the more important aspects of screening as it is not just about the type of job but the suitability of the person for any kind of employment.

Drug dependence and use can severely impact a person’s reliability, ability to work, and productivity.

So, we shall consider just why employment screening is important through examining the different processes involved.

Background Checks

It is necessary to know someone’s background when you are employing them because some pasts can reflect on a person’s future suitability. The amount of time that has passed between the misdemeanor and new employment might be a factor and require assessment.

Past criminality might reflect on the reputation of a company if it was public knowledge at the time. In cases of fraud, can that person ever be trusted to handle money again?

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Drugs severely impair judgements and it can be a matter of health and safety that you do not employ someone dependent on them or at risk of returning to old habits.

You can certainly, as an employer, carry out drug testing before employing, to see if they are still using recreational or non-prescription drugs, and continue monitoring employees.

Pre-employment drug testing is about maintaining productivity and protecting other members of staff as well.

An error in judgement by one member of staff can be a safety issue for another where potentially dangerous equipment or machinery is being used. Clients or customers can be affected by an employee that is impaired because of still having drugs in their system from the night before.

All these drugs can be detected by drug screening in advance of employment and making sure drugs are not an issue when employing someone new to a company.

Education and Employment Verification

A piece of paper does not necessarily speak the truth.

A CV can be embroidered upon or a certificate forged to secure a job that an employee will ultimately be out of their depth performing. This will be because they simply do not have the skills required to do the job. They do not have the qualifications stated.

This can all be checked with previous educational establishments to make sure.

The same for employment. Previous employers can be contacted to make sure they employed the right person. It is to check that they have the relevant experience necessary to carry out the new job effectively and safely and will turn out to have been worth recruiting.

The result of employing someone under skilled is that it will prove more costly in terms of training than first thought. Also, you do not want someone dishonest on your payroll. What else might they have lied about?

Reference Checks

The final check before employing someone is to obtain a reference from their most recent employer as a minimum. This must be judged based on the previous employer’s honesty.

It is not that easy to dismiss someone from employment as verbal and written warnings will be required and tribunals may result if a good reason is not proven, so there is that temptation for a reference to not necessarily speak the truth or be something that says everything but nothing.

On the other hand, a reference can be a valuable source of information about an employee’s past performance in a job. Were they likeable? Were they proficient in their work? Will they be an asset or a liability to their new company?

This is all to be assessed from the reference or references requested.

Obtaining a personal as well as an employment reference can be useful to know more about a person.

So, employment screening is important to make sure that we are employing the right people for our company in terms of character and their ability to do the job.

Drug screening is important as its use can severely impair judgment and put everyone at risk, not to mention hamper productivity and cost a company money.

Getting the employment decision wrong is not only costly in terms of extra training but also in having to start the whole recruitment process again.

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