The culture of smoke: Glass bongs vs Silicone bongs

glass bongInvesting in a bong is an important step in improving your lifestyle as a smoker. Not only is bong a great culturally relevant tool for smoking but a bong is also a way to make a statement about your sense of style and personality. There are a variety of bongs on the market that vary in style, material, shape and size, all providing unique experiences and there are two particular types that currently stand out: glass bongs and silicone bongs.

Let’s take a look at each of them!

Glass Bongs

The glass bong is a remarkable and classic smoking accessory with an impressive history. Stylistically, glass bongs are best known and recognized for their artistic designs. They also provide the experience of high quality smoke and we recommend investing in at least one of these tubes for your collection. You can find high quality glass bongs at a trusted online headshop.

Smoke of high quality

Smoking with glass products provides a high quality smoke experience without unwanted tastes and lingering tastes. With water bongs, the smoke is easier to inhale and many toxins are removed by the filtration of water (also known as tar removal). They are a quick and easy alternative to curling and smoking papers; smoother and healthier too.

The glass bongs are decorated with some of the most creative art designs. There are artists who specialize specifically in the art of glass tubing, from the addition of colorful paintings to classic-shaped bongs, to the creation of totally new bong shapes in the form of things like animals and fruits. When buying glass bongs, you will find many designs to love.


There are some drawbacks to glass bongs. The first is that they are fragile and break easily, so they are not recommended for external use or travel. Another is that they can be difficult to clean. With the aforementioned “tar removal capabilities” comes a sticky buildup inside the glass bong.

Silicone Bongs

A new style of tube is the silicone bong, and it is serving the glass products some real competition. Silicone bongs are usually designed in psychedelic neon and colorful swirls, and some brands offer customizable options for purchase. From the point of view of a smoker, the quality is not as great as the glass bong. But it sure is an incredible alternative!

Benefits of Using Silicone Tubes


Accident-proof and durable, silicone bongos can travel with you wherever you go (great for music festivals, camping trips, and outdoor retreats). They are flexible and able to bend to fit in different places without having to worry about cracks and breaks. You can drop a silicone bong on the floor without letting your heart fall – it’s almost completely unbreakable!

Easy to clean

Silicone bongs are much easier to clean than glass bongs. You can bend the bong throughout the cleaning process and can do it successfully without having to worry about it breaking into pieces.


One disadvantage of using a silicone bong is that there is a slight taste of plastic, regardless of how well you clean it before using. Also compared to the glass bong, the smoke is much harder during inhalation (which is not always a terrible thing, depending on personal preference).


Key points to remember about what differentiates these two types of bongs is that the glass bong is the most sought after classic for high quality smoke, while silicone bong is the newest, most durable and affordable option. Glass bongs are great for an easy-to-smoke home experience, also available in stylish designs to compliment the décor of your home. Silicone bongs can travel with you to the whole world; ideal for walkers.

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