The Fog of War – September 13th – 19th, 2021 forecast

for of warNikki Harper – The astrological energies this week are up, down and all over the place, but the most influential factor is the arrival of Mars in Libra on Tuesday. This drives us to see all sides to every possible story – but also to fight harder for the opinions we cherish. This creates a fog of confusion – it’s hard to fight your corner when you’re half convinced that the other side might be right after all.

It pushes all the wrong buttons and infuriates us, often leading to passive-aggressive behavior. We want to fight and we want to strike out, but in which direction, exactly, and towards what?

This fog of war feeling isn’t helped by the fact that it coincides with the annual Sun-Neptune opposition, which casts illusory shadows wherever we look. Neptune can be inspirational, magical and deeply spiritual, but when in battle with the Sun this planet tends instead to be deceitful, elusive and horribly difficult to pin down.

There is of course a more positive side to the Mars in Libra transit, which is that Mars can manifest through a drive for peace, mutual understanding and diplomacy, on the world stage as well as in our personal lives. This influence can be very beneficial for people who work in the arts or the creative industries too.

During Mars in Libra, physical aggression and posturing is toned down, so even the hardest nutter is likely to be more approachable and less likely to throw a fit. It’s all about mental combat instead, so opponents are outwitted on an intellectual basis rather than a physical one. This energy is great for debates and endless arguments, but the indecisive, easily-swayed streak within Libra still leads to the confusion and fog outlined above.

Thursday brings better news, when the Sun-Pluto trine prioritizes common sense and a can-do approach to any problem rather than the subterfuge and fake passivity of earlier in the week. However, this relief is short-lived, because Friday’s Venus-Saturn square increases distance between “us” and “them”, de-personalizing people we disagree with and adding angst and discord into even our closest relationships. Although this influence lingers only for 24 hours or so, it’s not a lot of fun, so there could be a tense weekend ahead.

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SF Source Wake Up World Sep 2021

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