The Unknowable

futureVeronica – Each day your linear consciousness assesses the situation of your reality. The present is always the most powerful viewpoint. The past is already created so that leaves you with the future.

Most feel that the future is as solid as their past and present. They wish to know what’s coming as they feel it is also set in stone. The idea that the future is unknowable is often not easily understood. Many find it easier to give their life to the concept of a deity that will create their lives for them.

But this idea of life being someone else’s plan is inaccurate. Your consciousness exists as part of a higher frequency that designs the past/present/future.

Divine presence is always in the mix of creation. You, however, are the artist in this particular life process. It is an experience that requires focus and courage.

There is undiluted potential in every future creation. The totality of your being becomes very present when in creation mote. Your highest potential yearns to manifest itself while designing future moments.

It has been spoken of endlessly by spiritual teachers – being in the “now”. That’s an easy fix by adjusting one’s focus. It is important to not fear the future. It hinders the development of what you are intending.

Trust that your instincts are accurate. Embrace the emptiness of a blank canvas as an opportunity. Push as much positive energy that you can into the blank space.

The future is yours. Yes. It is unknowable until you think through it. Use your thoughts to give it stability. Be not afraid of the unknowable. It’s yours to create. Respond by moving forward courageously. Deep fears may rise up, but decide to stand firm in your own divineness.

Leap into the void with a brave perspective. Often it is indeed a test of faith….. in yourself.

SF Source Inner Whispers May 2019

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