The Highs And Lows Of Using CBD Oil And Antidepressants

Not An Easy Pill To Swallow: CBD And Medication Interaction

CBD oilAntidepressants in and of themselves possess chemical make compositions that can lead to many people having adverse side effects from using them. From minor sleeplessness to the auditory and visual hallucinations, medicine interactions can be as devastating as the illnesses you were trying to treat in the first place.

In the US one in six people are prescribed and take a psychiatric drug of some kind or another. This is to treat the full spectrum of psychiatry-approved ailments. When you mix CBD oil and antidepressants, the effects can be devastating to the psyche and the body.

One Swollen Size Doesn’t Fit All

As with mixing any two medications, mixing antidepressants and weed or CBD oil and antidepressants can lead to a multitude of unwanted side effects. Your brain and body have connecting sets of receptors everywhere. From your spleen to the outside of your epidermis, they are there to detect and send electrical impulses back to your brain.

Any interruption in these signals can lead to anything from sudden water retention and weight gain to heart complications and organ shut down. This is true especially if you’re not accustomed to taking full-spectrum CBD oil and antidepressants like a common benzodiazepine.

Weed And Anti Depressants: How Does It Effect You?

CBD Isolate is a great example of how medication interaction and CBD can have a synergistic co-existence. When the psychoactive component is removed, the chemical extract in CBD is relatively safe when compared to a lot of modern antipsychotic medicines. As with anything a human can interact with on a biochemical level,

antidepressants can have side effects based on the diverse makeups of every human’s nervous system and metabolism. Coffee, for instance, has the ability to make some tired and others alert. THC, on the other hand, can have an anxiety-inducing effect as well. However, CBD and a cup of coffee at the end of a long day can reduce anxiety, stress, and tension. If you were to already be a long-time user of say, lithium to keep your anxiousness at bay, the duo can lead to a very peaceful stillness that many sufferers of many disorders can benefit from.

Consult Your Doctor

Antipsychotics and mood elevators. Antidepressants and depressants. In the end, everyone is looking for a way to deal with daily stress. If you, for whatever reason, absolutely insist on using CBD and you are currently taking any prescribed psychiatric medication, please see a physician and your psychiatrist or psychotherapist. Preferably the one who you see regularly. They will tell you if there is any need to worry about medication interaction or

side effects. A combination of CBD, antidepressants, and some personal time every day can be a gateway to personal well being.

Consider The Various Options

Once you’ve spoken to your doctor about CBD and antidepressants, consider the various options you have.

With companies like Vaporizer Chief selling a wide array of CBD intake methods (like glass dab rigs for example) the delivery system for CBD oil is no longer a huge problem. Smoking weed and antidepressants may trigger something negative for you and cause you to actually have a negative psychoactive experience. Whereas maybe a drop here or the of CBD oil and antidepressants don’t have any nasty nausea or dementia side effects. Consult a psychiatrist because with all the current evidence and studies being done by so many credible sources, odds are they can help you with a treatment plan.

If It’s Not For You, Don’t Force It

If you happen to try CBD and you find it has a very disturbing medication interaction with something you’re taking, stop immediately. According to people who have added CBD oil to their antidepressant routine have found a decrease in episodes and symptoms. Lack of sleep and exhaustion are common amongst most antidepressants and therefore CBD can also aid in the proper adjustment of your sleep schedule.

Remember, It’s Not Crazy If It’s More Than Ten Percent Of All People

There is a stigma around antipsychotics and the like. That people that often stare into space, or talk to themselves, or have to check a door six times are mentally unstable. It’s proven that even those who suffer severe delusion and mental turmoil have one or two synaptic relays in their brains switched differently than the masses. But it may shock you to know that, according to, 11-18 percent of

the global population has some form of reported psychiatric issue. CBD and antidepressants can only help more people if it’s approached properly.


With so many possible drug combinations on the market, finding out if it’s just your different drugs having effects on each other or the weed and antidepressants you tried for the first time at the advisement of your psychiatrist can be tricky.

If you aren’t sure and aren’t sure which is helping and which is harming, speak to a doctor about stopping them altogether. Restarting your regiment. Your doctor can guide you better than the internet or any blog could.

If you do decide it is for you, there are so many ways to take CBD oil, one of them will bring you peace and clarity. Going for walks, drinking enough water, taking time to stop and relax is also incredibly important for your well being. No matter what you are taking right now, no doctor would tell you adding fresh air would be a bad idea.

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